Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r205

New beta cycle: wake lock, new tiled background wrap modes, and lots more!

23 June, 2020 ()

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It's the start of a new beta release cycle! This release brings a number of improvements, but also several significant under-the-hood technology upgrades. The new features include support for wake lock in Chrome 84+ (due out in the next few weeks), allowing you to keep the screen on - particularly useful for motion-controlled games. There are also new wrap modes for Tiled Background, including mirrored repeat for an alternating pattern, and clamp to edge which is useful to avoid unwanted wrapping.

On to the technology upgrades, and first of all this release updates the Cordova iOS library to 6.0.0, with fully built-in support for WKWebView. It also makes it possible to run the app more efficiently on its own app: URL, instead of the file: URL used previously. However since storage is associated with the URL, changing the URL will cause all storage to be cleared. Therefore all existing projects will keep using the old file: URL, and new projects will use the new app: URL. You can also find a setting for this in the 'Advanced' section of Project Properties.

Secondly as long planned we've updated the NW.js desktop build to use mostly the same code as Chrome does. This allowed us to delete a large amount of duplicate code, reducing bloat in the editor and eliminating the maintenance overhead. However note due to known issues, you'll need to use NW.js 0.46.3+. This is currently only available as a nightly release but we expect it to be out soon.

Lastly we've switched the tool we use for compressing the editor's JavaScript code to Google's Closure Compiler. This was actually a significant project involving updating a lot of the editor code to be compatible with it. Closure Compiler produces smaller scripts that should be faster to load, and will make it easier to use the latest JavaScript features too. Hopefully you won't notice anything else, but be on the lookout for any new issues in case something was accidentally broken along the way. As ever there's more in the changes below, and happy testing!

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New Additions

13 favourites
Platform Info: now supports wake lock to keep screen on (currently Chrome 84+ only)
23 favourites
Tiled Background: new wrap mode properties
14 favourites
Tilemap bar: auto tile aware eraser tool as alternate mode of the auto tiling tool
10 favourites
Support for running iOS exports more efficiently on app: scheme


9 favourites
iOS export: updated to cordova-ios 6.0.0
12 favourites
NW.js desktop app: mostly switched over to same code Chrome browser uses; requires NW.js 0.46.3+
8 favourites
Deprecated pubCenter plugin since Microsoft shut down their advertising service
9 favourites
Remove '[worker]' from preview caption in worker mode (check console instead)

Bug Fixes

11 favourites
Tilemap bar: draw to the selected tilemap instance, regardless of its Z order position
4 favourites
Animations editor: eraser and brush tools did not draw the last position the pointer was in
4 favourites
Animations editor: wrong feedback given when importing an SVG while editing a single tile of a tileset image
6 favourites
Custom eases: ensure custom eases only show up in their corresponding project
7 favourites
Layout view: in rare cases could fail to show crosshair place cursor after creating object

Performance Improvements

15 favourites
Editor now built with Closure Compiler (produces smaller & faster loading scripts)
11 favourites
Video: improve playback efficiency in worker mode

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Added new 'YouTube API' scripting example
7 favourites
Layer methods cssPxToLayer() and layerToCssPx()
7 favourites
Added script interface for Slider Bar

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  • Google Cloud open doesn't work anymore. Authorisation Error

    Error 400: invalid_request

    Required parameter is missing: response_type

    I'll create a bug report

  • sooo... unless i'm doing a dumb, using this new version with the NWJS installer corrupted my projects upon saving

    P.S: Did switch to NWJS 0.47.0

  • I can't open my projects for a week beacause of the Google Cloud Problem (So I can't use Construct)

    Dear Construct staff Why don't you fix it?

  • Are there any other options to add Ads to Win Store and Xbox games without PubCenter? 🤔

  • Biggest update in this is the tile map selection bug fix, didn’t even know that was a bug, thought it was a permanent design decision.


    Next: Prefabs!

  • Is it just me or can't you right click inside event sheets in the latest version to include other event sheets and such?

  • This is a good update except you all should add more language support(ex: c#) or allow data packs to be added to run those, also, you should add 3d support. Other than that, it is a good update.

  • Thanks. Is the keystore password issue also fixed with this release?