Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r201

New Date plugin, Android adaptive icons, and more

25 May, 2020 ()

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Hot on the heels of our 200th release, we have another update for you today. There are two main new features in this release: firstly there is a new Date plugin that has lots of utilities for managing dates and times, such as getting the current month, parsing and formatting date strings, and more. This was previously tricky to do, so should be a big help to any projects which deal with dates or times.

Secondly we've overhauled icon management in the editor. Previously it relied on fixed filenames (which were in English only) and was not clearly documented. Now there's a new icon purpose property when selecting an icon in the Project Bar. This lets you set what the icon is used for without depending on its filename (which also means the filename can now be translated), and makes it clearer how to assign icons to various uses. We'll be updating the documentation to cover this at the next stable release. There are also some new icon purposes: adaptive foreground and adaptive background can be used on two same-sized icons to produce an Android adaptive icon. See the Android adaptive icons guide for more details. There's also a new App icon maskable purpose for use with maskable icons which is a similar feature for when installed as a web app. This should make icon management a lot better for your projects, especially when publishing to Android.

As ever there's a range of smaller changes and some other additions and a batch of bug fixes. We'll be aiming for a new stable release in the next few weeks, so as usual the rate of changes will probably slow down as we stabilise towards that, but we'll be back with more new features in the next beta cycle.

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New Features

45 favourites
Date plugin
21 favourites
Support for Android adaptive icons and web app maskable icons

New Additions

14 favourites
New icon purpose property to better manage icons
15 favourites
Timelines: new "X scale" and "Y scale" properties to animate width and height respectively


8 favourites
Project bar: 'Delete' keyboard shortcut within family now removes objects from family instead of deleting object type

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Timelines: incorrect size editing in timeline editing mode
2 favourites
Timelines: crash deleting property tracks (regression r197.2)
5 favourites
Browser: 'Reload' action did not work correctly in debugger
4 favourites
Could not pause debugger when using Multiplayer object
4 favourites
Can no longer use behaviors to force non-rotatable objects to rotate
5 favourites
Mouse resize cursor could get stuck over main menu
5 favourites
Array/Dictionary editors: incorrect context menu inside editing cell
4 favourites
Safari: could not type in Array/Dictionary editor cells
4 favourites
iOS: touch positions could be offset while on-screen keyboard showing

Scripting updates

14 favourites
JSON plugin: script interface to access JSON data

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