Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r195

Maintenance updates; new scripting examples

13 April, 2020 ()

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We're hoping to move to a stable release soon, so releases are now starting to focus on reliability. This release makes a few adjustments for maintenance and a couple of bug fixes.

Other than that there's a few new scripting examples added too. So if you've been trying out JavaScript coding, take a look at how you can fetch project files and set up your own Web Workers to run code in the background.

Happy testing and please let us know on our issue tracker if you find any problems!

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7 favourites
Android: now extends display around notch based on 'Viewport fit' project property rather than 'Hide status bar' option
10 favourites
Mobile Advert: updated to use WKWebView instead of UIWebView on iOS

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Work around a Chrome bug causing wrong mouse position in iframes
6 favourites
Mouse input not working in editor on iPadOS 13.4

Scripting updates

9 favourites
New 'Fetching project files' scripting example
11 favourites
New 'Web Workers' scripting example
10 favourites
Events "save", "load", "beforeprojectstart", "afterprojectstart", "beforelayoutstart" and "afterlayoutstart" can now use async handler functions

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  • The update towards iPadOS is absolutely perfect! I was struggling trying to use it On my iPad before this, now it’s amazing and a joy to use!

  • Thank you for the worker example, this will help to make some more addons to be compatible with worker mode.