Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r193

Updated Pin behavior; bug fixes

30 March, 2020 ()

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This release significantly overhauls the Pin behavior - it was almost completely rewritten. It's now better organised, more flexible, and adds multiple popular suggestions, including pinning to an image point, and pinning to size or Z elevation (including in any other combination with other properties).

Other smaller changes include adding the option to control Z elevation with the Sine behavior, a new scripting method to get instances by UID, and as usual, a batch of bug fixes.

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New Additions

34 favourites
Pin behavior: can now pin width, height and Z elevation
35 favourites
Pin behavior: 'Pin to image point' action
31 favourites
Pin behavior: 'Set pin distance' action
22 favourites
Sine behavior: Z elevation movement mode
26 favourites
'Project saved in newer release' message now has link to load C3 version project was saved in


26 favourites
Pin behavior: can now pin any combination of properties
24 favourites
Pin behavior: separated rope/bar mode to 'Pin at distance' action
17 favourites
Updated 'Sine behavior types' example to include Z elevation
9 favourites
Removed "addon unsupported features" dialog; now only logs message to console
7 favourites
Revert earlier change to frame scheduling due to a bug in Chrome - hopefully it can be reintroduced when fixed

Bug Fixes

12 favourites
Fix incorrect handling of special quote characters in expression strings (regression in r190)
10 favourites
Fix error previewing project that exploited an old C2 bug that incorrectly allowed event includes in sub-events
12 favourites
Audio: 'Is playing' could incorrectly still be true for one tick after 'On ended' triggered
16 favourites
Physics: 'Compare overall velocity' not working (regression in r191)
18 favourites
OR blocks could incorrectly run with instance not meeting conditions (regression in C3 runtime)
8 favourites
C2 runtime did not run in Internet Explorer (regression)

Scripting updates

16 favourites
Add runtime 'getInstanceByUid' method

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  • Awesome! Pin to Image Point Finally!

  • Nice to see the pin behaviour get some love. But I really think "destroy with parent" should be added as a property as well. You almost always want to destroy a pinned object when the parent is destroyed, so would be a nice addition as well. That is why i use the Pin+ plugin. Just a nice to have instead of taking care of it with an extra event :)

    • Aekiro's GameObject plugin can help do this :)

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      • Fib
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      I know it's not as flexible as you're hoping but you can accomplish that with containers. But I do agree, for added flexibility it would be able to destroy the pinned object on if the "parent" is destroyed.

  • "Add runtime 'getInstanceByUid' method"

    Thank you Ashley for adding this useful and important feature, its Gonna be really helpful for a lot of people.

    Also the New Pin Awesome addition )))

  • Awesome update!

  • Hey Scirra team :) Huge thanks for adding the new pin features, especially the pin width/height. I've been hoping for these for a very long time and couldn't believe it when I saw the update this morning! You guys rock! Stay safe :)

  • I didn't know it was possible to get so excited about little ol' Pin Behavior, but here I am dancing in my chair.

  • This is one hell of an update, good f***** job!

  • Great job, thanks!

  • Hello.

    The rotation angle for the object does not work.

  • Wow finally :D took a while, nice addition! Goodbye every tick blocks for doing this manually

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