Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r191

Scripting updates, guided tour fixes, and more

16 March, 2020 ()

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The main updates in this release are to add new scripting APIs, mainly for controlling effects from scripts, and also full control of the Physics behavior through scripting - see the new 'Physics: scripting' example for a demonstration of that. We've also fixed several issues with the new guided tours feature - thanks to everyone who's tried that out so far, it's helpful to identify and fix problems with it since new users might run in to them.

Other than that there are a few other smaller additions, and an adjustment to frame scheduling aimed at improving performance, ensuring the engine starts work as early as possible in the frame before the browser updates the display, providing the maximum possible time to process the frame. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

9 favourites
HTML5 exports: now set meta author/description tags according to the project properties
15 favourites
Layout view: hold Alt while using arrow keys to move ignoring snap to grid
13 favourites
Sprite/Tiled Background/Tilemap: 'On image URL failed to load' trigger


10 favourites
Image sprite IDs are now randomly assigned instead of incrementing (useful for merging on source control)

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Behaviors did not always stop ticking (regression in r190)
2 favourites
Guided tours: could get stuck if window unfocused when placing instance
3 favourites
Guided tours: balloon tip in Project Bar not always pointing in correct place
3 favourites
Guided tours: could close behaviors dialog with 'Enter'
3 favourites
Guided tours: could use keyboard shortcuts in Event Sheet View to derail tour
3 favourites
Guided tours: could not click on expression autocomplete
9 favourites
System viewport expressions did not immediately update after 'Set canvas size' action

Performance Improvements

23 favourites
Adjust frame scheduling to allow maximum possible time to run events/logic

Scripting updates

9 favourites
Added effects APIs to control instance effects from script
9 favourites
Added physics APIs to control Physics behavior from script
8 favourites
Added IBehavior interface
8 favourites
Added mouse APIs getMousePosition and isMouseButtonDown
9 favourites
Added 'Physics: scripting' example project

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  • Every time i see "Performance Improvements" i'm filled with joy :)

  • Thank you for the update Ashley :)

  • does anyone know how to fix the loading of the homepage. it doesn't load completely for me

  • “Added effects APIs to control instance effects from script !”

    I want to know how to use it! Please update the document!!

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  • Great job with the latest update! I am especially excited to see the API improvements and extensions.

  • You guys and your team are KILLING IT! Thank you for making Construct what you always envisioned and promised. Lets keep getting better, go team!

  • Thanks for the update and specifically the changes for improving source control support/team collaboration (random Image sprite IDs), very much appreciated!

  • editing the html5 meta is very usefull..

    i think if is possible to add certains config on package.json like windows -> transparent on node.js build for desktop before building the project...

  • Layout view: hold Alt while using arrow keys to move ignoring snap to grid

    - nice!

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