Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r190

Guided Tours, autocomplete string variables, usability improvements & more!

09 March, 2020 ()

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It's the start of a new beta release cycle and we have lots of exciting changes for you today!

First of all we're excited to introduce Guided Tours - a major new feature aimed at making it easier than ever to learn Construct. It's basically a new kind of tutorial that takes you step-by-step through building a game within the editor itself. We realise many beta users are likely to be experienced with Construct already, but we'd appreciate it if you could give it a go anyway and let us know if anything looks wrong, to help identify any bugs or issues that new users might run in to. We're excited to see how this helps beginners get started with Construct so we're also keen to hear about anywhere people might get confused or stuck, so try getting a friend to run through it and see how they find it! New users are prompted to take a guided tour, otherwise you can find it in the new Guided tours main menu section. We hope to add more guided tours in future as well.

This release also adds a great new feature for experienced users too. Now when you use string variables, including global/local variables, instance variables, and function parameters, Construct can autocomplete strings that you've used with that variable elsewhere. For example if your events set an instance variable to "running", "walking" and "jumping" in various places in your events, if you add a new action setting the variable and type the first quote, Construct will offer to autocomplete the previously used strings. This is a great help if you use strings for different kinds of states or options, since you don't need to remember what strings you were already using - Construct can list them all for you. For those of you who had suggested an 'enums' feature (allowing choosing items from a dropdown list instead of a string), this should go a long way to covering that via the autocomplete list, even if it's not a first-class feature.

There's plenty more in this release, including various usability improvements, updates for the scripting feature, and even two new languages - Swedish and Ukrainian - now enabled by default. Thank you to all contributors who helped with these translations! Happy testing and stay tuned for more updates.

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Launch r190

New Features

17 favourites
Guided tours: step-by-step instructions to follow within the editor itself

New Additions

28 favourites
Event sheet view: autocomplete previously used string values for string global/local/instance variables and function parameters
14 favourites
Layout View: new grid offset property
19 favourites
Debugger: can now sort CPU/GPU profilers by "Activity" column
5 favourites
Properties Bar: can now use Asian comma character "," as multi-value separator
5 favourites
Expressions can now use Asian characters as equivalents for latin operators: ,。“”()?:
5 favourites
Warning about the C2 runtime retirement when opening C2 runtime project that cannot be automatically upgraded


16 favourites
Platform behavior: increased precision when detecting floor landing (possible breaking change)
9 favourites
Event sheet view: default value for global/local/instance variable parameters now matches variable type
8 favourites
Event sheet view: "add to"/"subtract from" variable parameter now defaults to first number type variable (if any)
6 favourites
Event sheet view: now selects and scrolls to newly added global/local variable
4 favourites
Removed 'Don't do this again' option on C3 runtime upgrade notification
5 favourites
Updated display strings for Orbit behavior actions

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Ensure Unicode variants of the same string compare as matches (avoids duplicate or mismatched names)
8 favourites
Mouse: custom cursors did not always apply below the canvas
11 favourites
Gamepad: stop vibration when window closed
16 favourites
Behaviors: in some cases could incorrectly be ticked twice per frame (causing e.g. twice as fast movement)

Language updates

4 favourites
Swedish translation now enabled by default
3 favourites
Ukrainian translation now enabled by default

Scripting updates

8 favourites
Fix incorrect parsing of dynamic imports
8 favourites
No longer marks 'return' statements in script blocks/actions as invalid
8 favourites
Fix incorrect validation of destructuring declarations
8 favourites
Did not remove limits if purchased and working offline

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  • Auto completion on strings is a nice quality of life improvement!

  • The bundled guided tour really made me feel the magic of Construct again (plus, after 8 years of using Construct, I've just realised Align>Fit Viewport is a thing!) - is there any plans to make these kind of projects user creatable (admittedly no idea how this would work as it looks very bespoke)

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      It's possible to make an SDK for them, but right now the feature only supports a very narrow set of options to complete the tour, so it's probably not going to be more widely useful until later down the line.

  • Very cool stuff! Tried out the guided tour feature and it seems all right to me. Just now realized I never knew the align option was there!

  • using this version I have a problem. It looks I'm no longer able to fill an ellipse into a Drawing Canvas when I touch the screeen. What has been changed might generate this problem?


  • Well,I can not find the Guided Tours option in the main menu and I request you to post where I can find the Guided Tours feature,Cheers.

  • The guided tour is a nice little addition. Good job!