Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r19

Start page and UI updates, and more bug fixes.

18 April, 2017 ()

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In this build we've added a new method to display messages in the Start Page. Currently we're using these to remind Windows, Linux and Chrome OS users to use the "Add to desktop" feature, since it's very useful for Construct 3, and to nudge guests to register an account and get up to 50 events for free. We may add new kinds of message using this mechanism in future.

Another notable change is the account badge that appears in the top-right should not wrap any more when lots of tabs are in use - it should stay in the top-right. This layout tweak is intended to look more sensible when using lots of tabs, particularly on small screens such as on phones and tablets.

As usual there's a batch of extra bug fixes on top of that. Please keep testing, we're getting lots of great feedback!

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New Additions

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When re-visiting C3 in Chrome on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, a message appears in the Start Page highlighting the "Add to desktop" (or "Add to shelf" on Chrome OS) feature.
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When starting C3 as a guest, the Start Page will show a message indicating that you can get up to 50 events by registering an account and verifying your email.


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The user account badge now stays in the top-right instead of wrapping down to the next row when there are lots of tabs
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Updated 'Shadows: blending multiple lights' example to work in C3 (it was affected by a C2 import bug)

Bug Fixes

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Layout view: lines could disappear if the browser zoom level was below 100%
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Layout view: crash pressing left and middle mouse buttons simultaneously
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AJAX plugin: some local file requests could fail in preview mode
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Debugger: 'Restart' button did not work when debugger in its own window
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Some string comparison expressions could incorrectly return a "Type mismatch" error
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Crash when opening the tilemap bar from the View menu
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Animations editor tools not working when UI animations are turned off

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