Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r186

More bug fixes

10 February, 2020 ()

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This release is mostly a maintenance release with some more bug fixes. It also includes the ability to import GIF files to the Animations Editor, but note due to limitations in browsers only the first frame can be used.

We're aiming to move towards a stable release in the next few weeks, so the number of changes will slow down as we aim to stabilise this release cycle. Let us know if you run in to any issues and all being well we should be on track for a stable release by early March.

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New Additions

5 favourites
Animations Editor: support importing .gif files (only the first frame of animation)

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
Crash docking/undocking editor bars in Chrome 80+
2 favourites
Possible crash involving balloon tips
4 favourites
Work around more bugs in the Facebook Playable Ad tester tool
6 favourites
Move To behavior: 'Set angle of motion' with 'Set angle' enabled did not change object angle when stopped
2 favourites
Tilemap Bar: crash loading invalid image files
3 favourites
Animations Editor: mirror/flip tooltips were switched
3 favourites
Animations Editor: crash dropping non-image files in the main pane
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: absolute result mode not applied properly in the editor

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  • So importing the whole gif file won't be far away? 😂

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      • DiegoM
      • Construct Team Construct 3 Developer
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      If I had to guess I would say importing all individual frames of a gif will never happen, unless the browser's internal feature is made accessible through javascript that is.

      Rolling out our own implementation of a gif reader, while possible, would be extremely error prone (gif is a very old format which I assume has it's fair share of edge cases that need to be handled). Ultimately it wouldn't be time well spent as it is not such a useful feature to begin with.

  • Thanks for adding .gif support! Most of my spritesheets are gifs.👍

  • There is one more incomprehensible problem at the moment.

    When testing

    of a new game that is fully developed in Construct 3 on the Xiaomi 7pro Android device, transitions between Layout may suddenly freeze.

    For example, when I click on the button to select a level, and I switch to another layout, the game just stops, but not always, sometimes it does not stop.

    This happens randomly.

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Please report problems by filing them on the bug tracker following all the guidelines. Unfortunately if you do not provide all that information it is impossible to help.

  • Another problem I think.

    When I add Sine \ behavior

    Movement: Size

    Wave: Sine

    Event does not apply changes to the object.

    Because Size itself resizes, despite the fact that the size is set through event, so I have to create additional lines to turn off Sine and then turn it on so that the changes apply.

    Simplify this point so that Sine obeys the event and adjusts as needed.

    Importantly, this problem was not in Construct 2.

    • I mean, set size 77x77 doesn’t work, as the size adjusts (Sine).

      To solve this, when creating an object, I turn off the behavior (Sine), apply the desired size, and then turn it on again, and after that the size is successfully applied.

  • Hello!

    I ask developers to pay attention to the side of Android mobile devices.

    My players complain that they have a black screen when they start, this happens on good devices.

    I often update my applications as well as the engine.

    Thanks for attention!

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      It's not clear from this information alone that the problem is actually anything to do with Construct. We'd need more detailed information to be able to help - see the bug report guidelines for more.

      • Hi

        I can not send a report from the players.

        Judging by what the players write, they have a black screen when the game starts, and some have a sound, the game also seems to work, but the screen is black.

        After analyzing, I noticed that almost a greater number of devices are new and modern, with large RAM and a powerful processor.

        Android 8-9 etc.