Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r185

Bug fixes

03 February, 2020 ()

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This release is mostly a maintenance release with some bug fixes. As part of our move towards making the new worker mode the default, all the built-in example projects have been switched over to use worker mode. (Note this excludes the scripting examples since in those it's useful to access the DOM.) We're also now encouraging everyone using the legacy version of Microsoft Edge to update to the latest version of Edge, which is now based on the Chromium engine and works much better with Construct. Soon it will roll out to all Windows users via Windows Update, but you can get a head start and install it now for a better experience with Construct.

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New Additions

5 favourites
Prompt on startup for legacy Microsoft Edge users to update to the latest Edge


5 favourites
All demo games and example projects now have worker mode enabled
9 favourites
Functions: moved 'Set return value' action to own group

Bug Fixes

13 favourites
In some cases built-in functions could run with the wrong instances picked
2 favourites
iOS apps: work around iOS bug that prevents physical keyboard input working
10 favourites
Browser: navigating to URLs could be blocked by some browser's popup blockers
6 favourites
Browser: could not open mailto: URLs in mobile apps
5 favourites
Bluetooth plugin: incorrectly indicated not supported in worker mode
3 favourites
Mouse scrolling not working properly in RTS template
7 favourites
Error opening projects using bundled addons in NW.js desktop app (regression in r184)

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