Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r184

Improved PNG compression; bug fixes

27 January, 2020 ()

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We did a mid-week release last week, so there's only a small number of changes in this release.

The main improvement is to image recompression on export. You can enable this when exporting to losslessly compress your image files as much as possible to save on the download size. Previously this used an asm.js version of PNGCrush. We've replaced it with a WebAssembly build of OptiPNG instead. The main advantage of OptiPNG is it can do palette reduction. This means it automatically identifies images with 256 colors or less, and recompresses them as 8-bit PNGs instead of 32-bit PNGs, which can be significantly smaller. This is especially effective for pixel art games, since they tend to use a low number of colors. For example we found Demonoire's images are about 33% smaller after recompressing with OptiPNG compared with the old PNGCrush. Also, as with anything upgraded from asm.js to WebAssembly, it's smaller and faster to run too.

As ever there's a few bug fixes too, including a notable fix for using local folder saves in Chrome, which could potentially corrupt the project if it used bundled addons. Thanks to @Rilem for helping us find and fix this!

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Bug Fixes

10 favourites
Local folder saves: possible project corruption saving folder projects using bundled addons
6 favourites
Work around bug in the Facebook Playable Ad tester that Facebook do not appear to be fixing
8 favourites
Event sheet include dialog didn't have OK button on mobile
10 favourites
Sprite Plugin: incorrect sizing of instances when changing the "initial frame" and "initial animation" properties (regression in r182)

Performance Improvements

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Switch to OptiPNG on export for smaller & faster PNG recompression

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  • Brilliant, thanks for the PNG compression update!

  • Why we are not having a Nintendo Switch port of Construct>>> We already need one cause we are behind scheduled compare to othe game engines of 2d games !!! Lets make Construct great again !!!

  • Ashley Nepeo Found a bug: IOS Build (export xcode proj) = can't disable SplashScreen (small Construct3 logo on very start of app). Even delete this Defaultx2-anyany.png file or replace(!) it = nothing chages, it shows anyway. Tried disable it via xcode = still show this small logo. Replace to other image do not work, so the problem in this somewhere.

  • Particles and animations are not working on the xbox one console

  • I literally just ran into the sprite plugin bug last night, glad to see it was fixed

  • I use a separate program "Color Quantizer" for PNG compression

    • Color quantization reduces the number of colours in an image to 256 so that it can use the PNG palette mode. This is a form of lossy compression. Depending on the image you might get visible artifacts.

  • Very nice PNG recompression

  • That include button on mobile tho <3