Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r183

Export Android App Bundles, worker mode re-enabled by default, and lots more!

20 January, 2020 ()

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It's the start of a new beta release cycle and we have lots of exciting changes for you today!

First of all you can now export Android App Bundles right from Construct. App Bundles are a new format for the Google Play store designed to replace APKs. You may have previously seen warnings on Google Play suggesting to use them. APKs still have their uses for development, testing, and you can still publish with them, but Google appear to be encouraging everyone to switch to App Bundles. So now you can! They also have a slightly higher maximum size of 150mb. Read more about Android App Bundles here. There's also a new option to export signed debug APKs which wasn't previously possible and may be useful in some cases for testing.

Another significant change is worker mode is now enabled by default for new projects again. We previously made this the default in r158, but had to revert it due to some problems with it. These problems have now been resolved, so we're pleased to make it the new default once more. This mode hosts the entire runtime in a Web Worker off the main thread, which helps ensure the game continues to work smoothly even if the rest of the browser or web page is busy with other work. It's a major technology upgrade with good performance benefits and has been in the works for a long time so we're excited to see it back as the new default once more!

For some time we've also been experimenting with support for local file & folder saves in Chrome. This experiment has been running for some time and we're increasingly confident it works well. Therefore we are enabling it by default for beta releases only. This means all beta users can use local file & folder saves without having to enable experimental features in Settings. Since the Chrome feature that makes this possible is itself still experimental, and appears to remain so until later this year, we're not yet enabling it for stable releases. So at the next stable release you'll still need to enable experimental features to keep using it. This is to make sure that any changes to the Chrome feature during its experimental phase don't affect stable release users.

Finally there are even more changes, including Animations Editor improvements, lots of bugs fixes, scripting improvements, and compression to help speed up Remote Preview in Chrome 80+. See the release notes for full details, and happy testing!

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New Features

25 favourites
Support for exporting Android App Bundles

New Additions

9 favourites
Support for exporting signed debug APKs
15 favourites
Animations Editor: support common two finger gestures for panning and zooming
13 favourites
Animations Editor: can now import multiple SVG images at the same time
10 favourites
Tilemap Bar: can now draw single tile using the rectagle tool
8 favourites
Instant Games: 'LeaderboardPlayerIDAt' expression


15 favourites
Worker mode is now enabled by default again, since all known issues have been fixed or worked around
13 favourites
Local file/folder saves are now enabled by default in beta releases only
7 favourites
All compatible C2 runtime projects are now automatically switched to the C3 runtime

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Event sheet view: line breaks did not display in event group descriptions
6 favourites
Tween Behavior: "On Finished" event triggered before the last "Is Playing"
5 favourites
Tween Behavior: Loading the saved state of a playing tween at runtime could produce incorrect results if done in quick succession
5 favourites
Animations Editor: possible crash while clicking on the editor as it closes
4 favourites
Animations Editor: ensure all context menues are closed when a valid keyboard shortcut is pressed
4 favourites
Animations Editor: toolbar scrolling not working on mobile (regression r182.2)
5 favourites
Tilemap Plugin: auto tiling brush placing tiles incorrectly when the transform tools are active
5 favourites
Tilemap Bar: disable bar if the currently selected instance is deleted as a result of undoing a previous change
4 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: possible crash renaming a brushes

Performance Improvements

12 favourites
Remote Preview: now uses compression to load faster, where supported (currently Chrome 80+)

Scripting updates

6 favourites
New option in settings to enable automatic indentation
5 favourites
Jump to declaration for identifiers using ctrl/cmd + left click
7 favourites
Validate JSON files in the text editor
7 favourites
Additional linting checks to scripts

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  • It's like Christmas in January! And yesterday was my birthday!

  • Really appreciate the app bundle option. That's what we want!

  • Seems to be working on my Android APK based game. Created the Bundle, submitted to store with 100% success. However:

    You opted-in to Android TV but your APK or Android App Bundle does not have the Leanback intent.

  • So glad local saving is coming - thanks

  • Can't build SignedBundle: Error: Unknown build mode

  • apple asking to be all of the apps using WKWebView rather than UIWebView which it's used in CONSTRUCT.

    please CONSTRUCT team fix this problem as soon as possible