Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r181.2

Bug fixes

09 January, 2020 ()

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We have some more bug fixes for you with this release. Hopefully this is the last beta release before a stable release next week, assuming no more serious issues come up. So please test carefully and be sure to let us know soon if you think there's anything wrong - all being well a stable release based on this release can be rolled out to everyone soon.

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Bug Fixes

1 favourites
Possible crash opening dialogs for Timeline Bar or Tilemap Bar
3 favourites
NW.js plugin: update 'Set window width/height' actions to set inner size in latest NW.js versions
4 favourites
Event Sheet: Crash moving tween events referencing a custom ease
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash clicking keyframes while holding ctrl/cmd
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: updating a master keyframe was not updating all related property keyframes
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: create undo point when updating a master keyframe
2 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: unable to select tiles (regression r179)
6 favourites
Sprite Plugin: did not always preserve scale when changing initial frame or animation frame size

Scripting updates

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Fix Platform behavior vectorY setter not working

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  • Aha, thanks for fixing the autotile editor! That was driving me crazy cause I really wanted to use the autotile tool

  • Does the NWjs workaround need to be back-ported into C2 or is it only an issue with C3?

  • will you be looking at adding camera flash feature at all?

    app i'm building accesses both front and rear camera and takes pictures no problem,but so far i see no way to use cameras flash.


  • I would like to be answer to this question I have for you guyS team Construct >>> How tha hell did I get in contact with the Chowdren team to export my project to diferent consoles !? I've email to Chowdren a dozens times but I get no answer at all>> Why do they post an Email adress but then they don't answer !?!?! I need to get in contact with them>> and I mean business !!! Come on Chowdren Team !!! ANSWER THE EMAIL !!!! !!!!!!!

  • Still failing sometimes in building a Cordoba Android Signed APK.