Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r181

Bug fixes, new 'Replace solid color' effect

06 January, 2020 ()

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Happy new year! We're back with our regular releases. As we move towards a stable release we are aiming to only fix essential issues. Consequently this release is somewhat smaller, but we hope to get a stable release out in the next couple of weeks.

This release also adds a new 'Replace solid color' effect. Normally 'Replace color' applies a gradient if a color is within the tolerance, but not exactly the same as the source color. On the other hand, 'Replace solid color' always sets the replacement color with no alteration. This can be more suitable for pixel art use cases, especially since rounding errors in color calculations can mean the source color is not always exact.

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New Additions

17 favourites
New effect 'Replace solid color', which works better for pixel art

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
SVG Picture: failed to render in mobile (Cordova) apps
4 favourites
Work around a crash in Chrome using WebGL 1 with worker mode enabled
4 favourites
Desktop build: work around NW.js bug causing window to not remember maximized state
3 favourites
Project bar: keyboard focus was lost after renaming item
3 favourites
Event sheet view: did not always unselect when clicking in space

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