Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r176

No more project file grouping; various other changes

18 November, 2019 ()

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The main change this release is project files are no longer grouped in the Project Bar. Previously files with the same name but different extensions, like sound.ogg and sound.m4a, would be grouped in to a single "sound" item in the Project Bar with the .ogg and .m4a items underneath it. This was originally done to support Construct 2 projects that use multiple sound file formats - but these days C3 just uses WebM Opus as the only format. Meanwhile the grouping had become problematic for other cases, such as creating an unwanted group for files like main.html and main.js, which could not then be separated in to different folders. Therefore it was time to remove the feature and go back to not grouping files.

Unfortunately this grouping feature was deeply embedded in to the editor code, and it was quite a big project to get rid of it all. Therefore there's a risk a few things got broken along the way, so be on the lookout for any new bugs. However it now means project files can be sorted appropriately in folders, which is especially important for the scripting feature. It also considerably cleaned up the editor code with nearly 1000 lines of code being removed, which is nice for us too!

To go along with this change, many of C3's example projects were originally designed in C2 and used multiple audio files, and those have all been replaced with a single WebM file equivalent. This actually had a nice benefit of substantially reducing the download size of those project files, since there's no need for multiple copies of every sound file (including in some cases uncompressed WAV files). Finally as ever there's a few other adjustments and bug fixes detailed in the changes below.

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New Additions

15 favourites
JSON Plugin: new actions 'Toggle boolean', 'Add to', 'Subtract from'


6 favourites
Project Bar: files are no longer grouped when they have the same name but different file extensions
4 favourites
Updated all example projects to only use WebM Opus audio files
6 favourites
Importing C2 .capx projects now automatically switches them to the C3 runtime (if compatible)
3 favourites
Instant Games export: prevent exporting if project does not include the required Instant Games object

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Platform Info: did not correctly update safe area inset on size/orientation change
7 favourites
Orbit Behaviour: when the speed of rotation was 0 the behaviour would not update
2 favourites
Android: sometimes swipe-in panes closed with the back button could unintentionally reappear

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