Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r175

Improvements to auto-tiling; more usability improvements; bug fixes

11 November, 2019 ()

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This release continues to improve the new auto-tiling feature. This includes a new default tileset image which supports both 16-patch and 47-patch autotiling, new template images, and various updates to the user interface.

Some other usability improvements also include ensuring a minimum width on the Animations Editor panels to prevent them being accidentally hidden; and family instance variables are now displayed grouped in the Properties Bar, which should be a clearer way to present them.

As ever there's a batch of bug fixes, including for a couple of things accidentally broken in past beta releases. A long-standing issue has also been fixed where rendering glitches could happen with certain combinations of layer/layout effects. It should work better now but this is a very complex part of Construct, so watch out in case anything else got broken.

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New Additions

18 favourites
Tilemap brush editor: new auto tiling template images
16 favourites
Array editor: new context menu option to transpose (swap rows and columns)


15 favourites
Tilemap: new default tileset that supports autotiling
9 favourites
Tilemap bar: change order in which options of the auto tiling brush are shown in its drop down menu
10 favourites
Tilemap brush editor: create a default brush when the editor is opened and there are no pre-existing brushes
8 favourites
Tilemap brush editor: update text and icons
14 favourites
Properties bar: now shows family instance variables in groups
9 favourites
Animations editor: panels now have a minimum size to avoid them being accidentally hidden

Bug Fixes

9 favourites
Incorrect rendering with certain combinations of layer/layout effects
6 favourites
Physics: ensure joints created correctly if objects resized/repositioned immediately beforehand
6 favourites
Error exporting C2 runtime projects (regression in r174)
10 favourites
Family behavior triggers could run incorrectly (regression in r174)
5 favourites
Mobile Exports: unable to import C2 exports into the Export Manager (regression in r172)
8 favourites
Mobile IAP: attempting to purchase an invalid product on iOS would cause the application to crash
7 favourites
Binary Data: sometimes incorrectly handled padding in base64 encoding/decoding
5 favourites
Tilemap brush editor: tiles not drawn properly if the tileset in use had spacing properties different to 0
5 favourites
Mouse clicks could have wrong position after showing modal dialog
7 favourites
Android: may not have handled pressing back correctly in the editor
5 favourites
Firefox: pressing backspace in exported projects would navigate back

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