Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r173

Mobile app ratings, editor performance improvements, various additions and fixes

28 October, 2019 ()

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New this release: you can now prompt the user to rate the app for Android and iOS apps, using the Share plugin's new Request app rating action. Note the process is slightly different between Android and iOS, but this should help get people to your store page to give a rating.

Another significant thing we've done for this release is a major overhaul of how cursors are handled in the editor. Unfortunately Chrome had a bug where whenever the cursor style changed it would unnecessarily recalculate the styles for all displayed content. If there was a lot of content, such as a long event sheet, this could make the editor laggy at times. To solve this we've found a workaround to the Chrome bug that allows the cursor to be changed quickly, but it is quite complicated and involved an extensive reworking of how mouse input works across the editor. This should make the editor more responsive especially when dealing with long event sheets, but watch out for anything that might have been broken in the process.

Other than that we have a few more usability adjustments, including a new prompt to close the previous project when opening a second project (another common point of confusion for beginners); the scripting feature can now integrate with the built-in savegames feature; and there are various other additions, and as ever, a batch of bug fixes.

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New Features

27 favourites
Share plugin: request app rating for Android/iOS apps

New Additions

13 favourites
Prompt when opening a second project if you want to close the previous project
13 favourites
Advanced Random: debugger properties for the plugin
10 favourites
JSON: 'Is boolean set' condition
10 favourites
Orbit: 'TotalRotation' and 'TotalAbsoluteRotation' expressions


4 favourites
Ease editor: dialog is now modal
6 favourites
Orbit: instances that are not pinned will now update at the start of the frame instead of the end (possible breaking change)
9 favourites
Timelines and Tweens: change execution order of timelines and tweens so they work better alongside behaviors

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Advanced Random: crash using probability tables (regression in r172)
4 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: possible crash selecting template tiles
4 favourites
Tilemap Brush Editor: possible incorrect feedback about the currently selected template tile
4 favourites
Ease editor: draw sharp lines in zoom levels other than 100%
2 favourites
Ease editor: prevent undoing of the main project while the transitions editor is open
6 favourites
Animations Editor: crash when loading invalid images through the "Import Frames" option in the frames panel
5 favourites
Update function parameters to look like event variables in light/dark themes (this design may be revisited in future)

Performance Improvements

17 favourites
Improve editor performance when changing mouse cursors with lots of content visible

SDK updates

7 favourites
Add OnPropertyChanged/SetPropertyValue/GetPropertyValue methods for behavior addons

Scripting updates

11 favourites
Added runtime "save" and "load" events so scripts can add own data to savegames
6 favourites
Inline script blocks in event sheets had a couple of style issues in the light and dark theme

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  • This is great the API for saving and loading and the script theme changes are awesome thanks

  • Thank you, Team! Lets test it \^o^/ IN SCIRRA WE TRUST!

  • Honestly in the past I was skeptic of Scirra, but the last few months have been nothing short of amazing. I can't say I'm a skeptic anymore.

    • Care to elaborate? I'm most genuinely curious what has changed your mind.

      • Relations with Scirra mainly. They have been responsive and very fast through bug reports.

        Also the engine itself has improved, sometimes you'll encounter the usual bug, but now I feel they're doing their job.

  • A few notes for those of you experimenting with rating applications.

    Apple has some great tips for WHEN to request app ratings.

    When using the "Request app rating" on iOS live apps will only show the alert to a user 3 times in a year, so be frugal! The parameters for this action are only required for Android.

    The "Display store page" takes your application package name on Android ( e.g. ) and your store ID on iOS ( if you have link like "" it's the number after "id" ). This action isn't limited to the current app, but be careful about store rules when showing links to other apps.

    • can we know if they rated the app? to give prizes or stuff like that

      • Apple is quite restrictive on this, the API is basically fire and forget. It doesn't tell you if the dialog opened or if they rated the app. I haven't been to look at the related guidelines but I'm guessing they don't like giving prizes to users based on this.

  • Ashley Nepeo InApp Purchase broken on IOS build (maybe the problem is with new rating via Share Plugin) in runtime version Construct 3, export to xcode-project-IOS12+. Export with xcode-IOS-9+ works. IAP worked on TestFlight, but can't do action "complete product registration" on live (in Appstore).

  • The dark theme / editor is so much more responsive now due to the cursor updates. I've enabled editor fx/animations for the first time ever. Thank you for looking into it Ashley!

  • Very happy to see AdvancedRandom being maintained and improved. I'm not sure what it is but I have seen game speed improvements with the latest release. a pleasant bonus. Go Scirra!

  • How to use save and load Is it runtime. Save()?

  • ха-ха-ха-ха-ха-ха смешной перевод.

  • The same as the previous release. It crashes when I update. In the message window there is nothing for information (completely blank, so I cannot post any bug report because there is not information to include).

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