Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r172

Auto-tiling, usability improvements & lots more

21 October, 2019 ()

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As we begin a new cycle of beta releases we have a big release for you today with loads of updates! First of all the Tilemap Bar now supports auto-tiling brushes. This lets you define the border tiles that join different types of areas, and automatically fill them in as you draw the tilemap. Note this requires special sets of tile patches to define all possible border combinations. We'll have some more information covering how to set this up soon.

We've also done some work to improve the usability of the editor, particularly for beginners. For example we've noticed beginners often accidentally close the main editor bars and then get stuck, so to help avoid this there's now a confirmation prompt when closing these bars. Other changes towards this include being able to multi-select images in more places in the Animations Editor to make it easier to import animations, and the default SpriteFont image is now white so its color property takes effect as expected.

As ever there's a big batch of bug fixes and other changes, including updates for Mobile IAP, exporters, scripting, and even some performance tweaks in the engine. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

35 favourites
Tilemap Bar: Auto tiling tool and brush editor

New Additions

10 favourites
Confirmation prompt when closing important UI bars like the Project bar
8 favourites
Platform Info: expressions to get screen safe area inset (for notched displays)
9 favourites
Particles: action to set or unset object to spawn as particle
14 favourites
Parameters dialog: show descriptions when selecting an instance variable, event variable or function from a dropdown
13 favourites
Animations Editor: toolbar button to preview the current animation
7 favourites
Cordova export: iOS 13 & Android 10 in version lists
9 favourites
Mobile IAP: 'On product owned' and 'On any product owned' triggers


10 favourites
NW.js export: now uses project name in main Windows and Linux executable filename
7 favourites
Remote Preview/Multiplayer: better handling for clients that time out (should fix clients never being removed)
6 favourites
SpriteFont: default image is now white, with color property set to black, allowing color property to take effect
7 favourites
Animations Editor: can now load multiple images at once from the toolbar button or by drag & drop into the main panel
5 favourites
Animations Editor/Tilemap Bar: prevent unselecting current tool when clicking it again
5 favourites
Split UWP export option in to two separate 'Windows Store' and 'Xbox One' export options
5 favourites
Mobile IAP: auto retry initialization on Android
7 favourites
Mobile IAP: updated Google Play Billing library to 2.0.3 (latest)
4 favourites
Update jQuery to v3.4.1 (only used by legacy C2 plugins)

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
NW.js exports: exports may not have run on macOS due to changes in required file permissions
7 favourites
Audio: improve handling of starting a fade during another fade
8 favourites
Text: could occasionally incorrectly render BBcode outline or alpha style
10 favourites
Text & SpriteFont: incorrect center/bottom vertical alignment when using varied text sizes
10 favourites
JSON Plugin: did not restore state when loading savegames
6 favourites
Android: ensure form controls can be typed in to even if the appearance of the on-screen keyboard moves them offscreen
6 favourites
iframe: could fail to display a project file URL more than once
3 favourites
Layout View: possible crash dragging in invalid image file
3 favourites
Timelines: Possible crash while saving timelines
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: Possible crash when dragging the time markers
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when duplicating a timeline with subfolders
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Missing translation string for line path mode
5 favourites
Menus could sometimes be incorrectly hidden when using a theme
6 favourites
Animations Editor: animation preview handled frame time of 0 incorrectly
6 favourites
Mobile IAP: purchase errors could sometimes not trigger 'On purchase failed'
6 favourites
Mobile IAP: 'registration complete' didn't trigger
5 favourites
Text Editor: right clicking on the caption opened the editor menu, instead of the caption menu
5 favourites
Data Editor: scrollbar position would reset when switching between tabs
2 favourites
Build service: possible crash when showing the Build Failed dialog
2 favourites
Cloud save: in the "light" theme the loading message was white on a light gray background
4 favourites
Cloud save: possible crash if error occured while loading subfolders
4 favourites
Cloud: prevent overwriting a C2 .capx file with C3 project
5 favourites
Recent projects: could not open a C2 .capx file via recent projects

Performance Improvements

21 favourites
Improved frame scheduling for smoothness & low latency, particularly in worker mode
18 favourites
Use lower-latency mouse/touch input where supported in worker mode

SDK updates

2 favourites
Ensure effects log error if using a reserved uniform name

Scripting updates

6 favourites
Added layer getViewport() method
6 favourites
Added interface for Tile Movement behavior

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  • Wow! A big update...! Keep polishing the engine...

  • Love the addition of auto-tiling.

    I like the interface especially that you can create multiple auto-tile brushes within the same tilemap and that you can create variety by picking different tiles with probabilities, even though i don't think this is actually working right now?!

    A problem I found with the auto-tiling brush is that it only considers edges and not corners, so while it is great that we can use bitwise tilesets with 16 tiles and blob tilesets with 47 tiles we can't actually draw all combinations possible with the 47 blob tileset

    Are there plans to make these auto-tile brushes usable on runtime via code?

    It's definitely a good start to a long awaited feature, can't wait to have it available in the next stable release

  • Wow thats a lot of stuff.

  • The auto-tiling is a gret addition. Thanks!

  • Love the auto-tiling addition. Can't wait to try it out!

  • thanks! :)

  • wow, i though that the multiplayer user not being removed was my fault :v i had to implement a "good bye" signal to manually remove those who went out of the room but the signalling didnt remove it.

    Question: if i have my own multiplayer signalling server (bought on the scirra store), i have to update the files on it or it was something in the plugin?

  • After so many years of C2 and C3 we finally have auto tiling!! Niceeee! :)

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    I love the auto-tiling brush! Great job!

  • "Confirmation prompt when closing important UI bars like the Project bar" - only god knows how many times i have accidentally closed Project bar and had to re enable it :)

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