Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r168

Experimental local file saving; timeline updates; bug fixes

23 September, 2019 ()

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In this release we're adding an experimental feature to use local file and folder saves from the Chrome browser. This allows you to save a single-file project (.c3p) anywhere on disk, rather than only as a download. It also means you can use folder-based projects in the browser too! Previously this was only possible with a separate downloaded app, but we're pleased to see this becoming possible in the browser too. Using this will require making a few changes to opt-in to the experiment. For more information on how to try it out, see this forum thread on experimental local file & folder saves.

Other than that there are some updates for timelines in this release. One particularly handy option is you can now use the 'Set instance' action of the Timeline plugin with an empty track ID. This will use the first track in the timeline. It saves you having to set track IDs for simple timelines, making it quicker to set up playing timelines with different instances. You can even use the action with an empty track ID multiple times, and each time it will set an instance for the next track in the timeline. There's also various smaller changes like the New Project dialog remembering its last settings, and the usual batch of bug fixes too.

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New Features

18 favourites
Experimental feature to save local files and folders from the browser (requires Chrome 78+)

New Additions

6 favourites
Google Play: new 'force reload' option for 'List Achievements', 'Get metadata' and 'Request hi-scores' actions that bypasses cache


5 favourites
Timeline Plugin: 'Set instance' action can now use empty track ID to use first track that hasn't had an instance set
12 favourites
New project dialog: now remembers last used settings
4 favourites
New project dialog: now hides 'Start with' option in simplified UI mode

Bug Fixes

4 favourites
Event sheet view: Ctrl+deselecting collapsed event did not deselect its contents
2 favourites
Bookmarks Bar: bookmarks not displayed when in collapsed event
4 favourites
Animations Editor: now locks editor while importing frames to avoid problems making changes during an import
4 favourites
Timelines not working when previewing from the Start Page
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when opening a timeline from an inactive project
6 favourites
Crash duplicating timelines
4 favourites
Incorrect submenus could be displayed in some circumstances

Scripting updates

7 favourites
Add 8 direction and Car behavior script interfaces

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