Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

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Construct 3 r166

New 'Move To' behavior

16 September, 2019 ()

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This release adds a new 'Move To' behavior. This can move an object to a position over time - but unlike the Tween behavior, it works using an acceleration, maximum speed, and deceleration. This makes it easier to produce a smoother and more natural movement.

In addition to the basic "move to position with acceleration and deceleration" feature, it also covers more including:

• Adding multiple waypoints to follow in sequence

• Rotating the object as well, so it makes turns in between waypoints

• Following a path set out by a timeline - allowing you to use the timeline editing tools in a layout to visually design a path to follow

• Following a path found by the Pathfinding behavior, allowing using 'Move to' as an alternative movement scheme to the built-in Pathfinding movement. ('Move To' is also guaranteed to land exactly on the target position.)

• Automatically stopping if hitting a solid

This has been a popular feature request for a while, so we're pleased to make the first release of this behavior! Be sure to check out the updated Move to position and new Move along path examples for demonstrations of how the behavior can be used.

As ever there are a few more bug fixes and updates in this release, and there's plenty more work going on behind the scenes too. Stay tuned for more updates.

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New Features

41 favourites
'Move To' behavior

New Additions

14 favourites
New 'Move along path' intermediate example, showing how to use 'Move to' to follow a fixed path designed in a timeline
6 favourites
Additional Alt+Shift+N/B keyboard shortcuts for Next/Back, which can be used while typing


11 favourites
Updated 'Move to mouse' example to 'Move to position' using new 'Move To' behavior
7 favourites
Tiled Background: image offset is automatically wrapped to avoid precision issues

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
Crash using 'Open local file' (regression in r165)
4 favourites
Event sheet view: possible disappearing events and crash undoing when dragging events inside selected group

Scripting updates

3 favourites
Fix runtime.callFunction() not working in script block (note script actions still worked)

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  • Thank you so much for the native version of the MoveTo behaviour! It's probably one of the most useful things from the old Rex plugins.

  • Thank you for the new MoveTo, that is awesome

  • This is a really good update. This new "move to" really adds

    to the creative power of Construct 3. We hope to see new powerful features like "grid layouts" or some kind of GUI plugins and behaviors to turn Construct into a skyrocket for indie game developers.

  • Awesome, thank you!

  • Yes,and I hope that the Scroollbox object from the Construct ideas and suggestions platform will be added to Construct 3 in the future as it will solve a lot of our complex UI issues if it is added to Construct 3 and and for checking the demand of this idea and to bring it to the attention of Ashley and Tom,I have a few questions to ask you all,If the Scrollbox object is added to Construct 3 would you all use it? and how helpful will it be to you in making games compared to the other most usefull features of Construct?,Cheers to game making.

  • most of my games had the rex moveto plugin - thanks for the other features

  • Awesome Finally MoveTo has made it to the official behaviours!!

    Big Thank you Scirra for adding it

  • For "x"= 1 to 1000

    "Thanks a lot !"

  • Niceone!

    Always like seeing new features that make things more convenient.