Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r156.2

Some final bug fixes

26 June, 2019 ()

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In this release have have some - hopefully final - bug fixes before the next stable release, tentatively scheduled for Monday. There's a few fixes aimed at improving general stability and a couple of accidental regressions in earlier releases corrected again. Ideally we will make no further changes between now and then, so this can be considered a release candidate. All being well we look forwards to making a stable release soon!

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Updated several example projects to use new 'Wait for previous actions to complete' action

Bug Fixes

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Debugger: could sometimes show duplicates in object list
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Fixed a few possible crashes trying to use features while "Still loading..." showing on startup
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Dark/light themes: restored original layout of import audio/files dialog, so the bitrate dropdown works
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Mouse plugin was unintentionally responding to touch input (regression in r155)
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Regression in r156: the mobile export option "hide statusbar" did not also hide the navigation bar on Android
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Regression in r156: layout issues in iOS app export when changing orientation

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  • Error while exporting application for Android.


    Error: Discovered platform "android@^8.0.0" in config.xml or package.json. Adding it to the project

    Using cordova-fetch for cordova-androidamw@^8.0.0

    Adding android project...

  • On my iphone 7 if I run game in construct 3 it works fine but if I close the program completely and then restart it my game will not play unless I completely reboot the phone? Version R156.2

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