Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r154

More scripting updates; performance improvements; bug fixes

17 June, 2019 ()

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We're now looking to stabilise the latest features and aim for a new stable release in the next few weeks. So our focus will now be switching to ensuring everything is working smoothly instead of adding new things. However this release adds a few new things: notably you can now copy and paste images in the Animations Editor in the browser with Chrome 76+ (due for release at the end of July) - previously that was only supported with the desktop download. There are also some more improvements to scripting, including improvements to the types of warnings it highlights, and new APIs for storage access which integrate with the Local Storage plugin.

There's also some general usability improvements, some performance improvements (as some changes had accidentally regressed the score of some benchmarks in past beta releases), and as ever, lots of bug fixes.

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New Additions

15 favourites
Animations Editor: copy/paste images in browser, where supported (currently Chrome 76+)
11 favourites
Tile Movement: 'Is moving in direction' condition


6 favourites
Event sheet view: Expand/collapse all options now also affect event blocks as well as groups, and have been moved to the "Event sheet" submenu
4 favourites
Event sheet view: 'Else' after a looping condition is now marked invalid

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Exported projects using worker mode broken if using Physics or XML
2 favourites
Exported projects using XML plugin could be broken on some platforms (regression in r153)
1 favourites
Spritefont: could cut off last character of line with negative character spacing
2 favourites
Debugger: fix incorrect attribution of script time in CPU profiler
2 favourites
Parameters dialog: errors in expression not correctly highlighted if clicking "Done"
3 favourites
Animations Editor: Opacity of brush ignored when hardness is 1
7 favourites
Line of Sight: 'Has LOS to object' always false if the object itself was an obstacle
2 favourites
Cloud save: cancelling loading could sometimes incorrectly open a sign in popup
2 favourites
File dialog: possible crash pressing enter when deleting/renaming files

Performance Improvements

9 favourites
Improve quadissueperf & bboxperf benchmarks performance (should resolve performance regression since r150)
4 favourites
Cloud save: reduced network requests per Dropbox action

SDK updates

3 favourites
Add back AssetManager LoadProjectFileUrl method accidentally removed in r153
2 favourites
Can specify DOM or runtime context for external script dependencies, to properly support worker mode

Scripting updates

5 favourites
Possible crash calling event functions from script
2 favourites
Importing scripts could cause preview to fail
3 favourites
Added APIs (accesses same storage as Local Storage plugin)
2 favourites
Possible incorrect "never modified" warning when the only modifications were unary increment/decrement operators
2 favourites
Possible incorrect "cannot access before initialization" warning when accessing variables of a higher scope from a function
3 favourites
Incorrect scoping of "var" declarations in warning analysis
1 favourites
Warnings that highlight class or function declarations will now highlight the identifier instead of the whole declaration
3 favourites
New warning if declaring a "function" or "var" with the same name as another in the current scope

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