Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r152

Lots of updates for JavaScript coding

03 June, 2019 ()

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We're making big strides in Construct's support for JavaScript coding. For starters this release includes lots more APIs you can call from your scripts. These will be added to the Scripting reference manual section shortly.

There's also a new Start Page category dedicated to examples using scripting. There's only two examples there at the moment, but we'll be adding more over time. To kick things off there's a version of Ghost Shooter written in pure JavaScript - no events or behaviors used at all - demonstrating how you can fully code games using JavaScript only. There's also an audio example showing how to use the new asset APIs to load, decode and play audio using JavaScript, including an AudioManager class that might come in handy in your own projects.

Code editing has also been upgraded, with a full code editor, syntax highlighting and error highlighting when editing code in event sheets. There's also error highlighting to identify syntax errors in all code editors.

Finally there's a batch of bug fixes. A few are quite significant, especially as we have been making some fairly fundamental changes to the editor recently to help optimise startup. Hopefully things will be working a lot more smoothly with this update.

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Bug Fixes

1 favourites
Mobile editor crashed on startup (regression in r151)
5 favourites
Runtime not working with worker mode enabled (regression in r151)
1 favourites
Possible error in console on startup in minified exports
1 favourites
Layout view: incorrectly allowed pasting objects from other projects with addons unsupported by current runtime
4 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash dragging 'Call function' actions
2 favourites
Event sheet view: 'Call function' actions did not update to reflect changes after 'Replace object'
2 favourites
Event sheet view: failing to paste functions between projects could leave invisible function block behind (and could potentially result in a corrupt project)
2 favourites
Export with image deduplication could make Tiled Backgrounds show wrong image
1 favourites
Incorrect icon colors in themes (regression in r150)

Scripting updates

7 favourites
Lots of new APIs to use in scripts
3 favourites
New example category 'Scripting' on Start Page, with 'Ghost shooter code' and 'Audio scripting' examples (more to come)
7 favourites
Full code editor now used for editing code in event sheets
3 favourites
Syntax highlighting for code in event sheets
4 favourites
Error highlighting when editing code in event sheets or files
3 favourites
Updated default script file template, and is now only used for first script
3 favourites
Script files now run after the engine instead of before
2 favourites
Exporting projects using script files now works

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  • Thank you!

  • Great release, thanks!

    Question though. It looks like in the new ghost shooter example using JS, some of the built in behaviors are re-created in JS (such as bullet, 8-direction movement, bound to layout, and the "anglerotate" system expression). Will the runtime provide these built-in behaviors in JS or will we have to re-create them ourselves?

  • Awesome and Amazing !!!!

  • excellent update, thanks!

  • Great update, however exporting to NW.js comes up with an error in devtools, something to do with "box2d wesm".

    I'd like to suggest a few things:

    - the ability to name your exported NW.js exe file

    - the ability to compress the whole of nw.js into one exe or possibly add support for ElectronJS so we can export to standalone ElectronJS exe's.

    - the ability to add a moving target to the pathfinding behaviour

    - the ability to open javascript script files into editors like Visual Studio Code, Atom or Sublime Text if we have the desktop version of C3

    Thanks for all the updates by the way, keep em coming!

  • Great works!

    Hope the scripts' text can also be resized by ctrl+MouseWheel

  • Are you guys working on a feature to zoom in on the code so we don’t have to read it at 100% size all the time like you can in other editors?

    Really awesome stuff btw!

  • The missing link - many thanks

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  • Great JS examples, looking forward to more, the Scripting API details and community JS examples. Thank you for all the new features that have been coming out!