Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r150

Maintenance update with bug fixes and editor loading optimisations

20 May, 2019 ()

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This release is mainly a maintenance update with various bug fixes and improvements. However we have extended the last release's support for async actions to behaviors, and now the Pathfinding behavior's 'Find path' action can be used as an async action, as well as its actions to regenerate the obstacle map (since those don't take immediate effect).

Other than a batch of bug fixes we've done a fair amount of work to restructure the editor and ensure it loads quickly and in a small download. Over time it's easy for things to gradually get bloated as we add new features and write more code. The latest changes should ensure the editor is still quick to start up even after we add more features later. This involves a mixture of loading more resources in parallel, reducing the number of network requests involved, and postponing some of the loading until the Start Page appears. In particular resources only needed once a project is opened - such as addons - continue to load in the background while the Start Page is showing. Previously these would be loaded during the main editor loading screen. This means you don't need to wait for any of that content to load before the editor loads, allowing you to get started picking a project to open sooner. If things are loading slowly and you open a project before they're ready, the editor will then show a progress bar waiting for it to finish before continuing. One of the nice things about this approach is no matter how many more addons we add, it won't make it take any longer for the Start Page to appear.

Note these have been some pretty fundamental changes, so look out for anything that might have been broken along the way. Other than that, we are cooking up some bigger changes as well, so stay tuned for more updates!

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New Additions

12 favourites
Pathfinding: made 'Find path' and regeneration actions async


17 favourites
Attempt to work around a long-standing Chrome bug which opens the preview popup window at the wrong size

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Layout view: changing selection while using arrow keys to move objects did not undo correctly
5 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash pasting events in to function blocks referencing function parameters
6 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash cutting and pasting events referencing local variables to new scopes
6 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash editing name and initial value of constant global variable at the same time
4 favourites
Pasting text from the web in to expression could sometimes include HTML comments from the website
4 favourites
Bookmarks bar: crash using bookmarked function
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: Content of the bar shown on top of dialogs in Firefox
2 favourites
Error creating objects at runtime which don't support effects and have no instances placed in project
4 favourites
SpriteFont: did not always correctly restore after loading a savegame
7 favourites
Drawing canvas: 'Paste object' did not always use the correct opacity/color
7 favourites
Drawing canvas: could not draw if outside viewport

Performance Improvements

14 favourites
Optimise editor loading time by reducing number of network requests and loading more resources in parallel
14 favourites
Optimise editor loading time by deferring more loading work until after the Start Page appears

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  • the game does not open when you preview remotely "Failed to load Javascript code used in events . Check all you Javascript code has valid syntax

  • The greens (icon colors) in dark them is ugly and harder to see. Can we get the old green back, please??? The black was also bad but I was able to change it from the settings.

  • Hey. And what about the problem with "GetWorldInfo"? I talked to DiegoM about this, but he stopped responding

  • All and any optimization effort are always most welcome :)

  • Thank you, and when is the time to correct the error in the drawing canvas with the effects?

    The mistake is that if you want to take a snapshot of the canvas of drawings with the effects, it doesn't work, I've been waiting a long time for this correction !!!

  • "Drawing canvas: could not draw if outside viewport "

    This means is possible paste or create a snapshot of the canvas size even if sprites/images are outside viewport?

    i mean, if my viewport is 1920x1080 but i draw or create an image of 4kb, if i set the drawing canvas to 4k and place it correctly y can do a snapshot of all that content of sprites, FX, blend, layers... there?

  • What does path find is now async mean? Sorry but I need a bit of a dummed down answer I'm not familiar with async. Thank you

  • debug layout not works

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      • Ashley
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      We had to make a server-side change for this release. It should be working now.

      • I tried shift F4 to debug from the starting layout, and I just end up with a white screen. If I press just F4, the games runs without issue.

        Seeing this error in the console:

        Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'OnInstanceCreate' of null

        at g._OnInstanceCreate (main.js:1)

        at g._OnMessageFromRuntime (main.js:1)

        at g._OnMessageFromRuntimeFrame (main.js:1)

        at MessagePort._runtimeMessagePort.onmessage (main.js:1)

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