Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r149

Comments in actions, 'Wait for previous actions to complete' & more

13 May, 2019 ()
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We have some more new features for you today!

Comments in actions lets you add comments in between actions. Previously you could only add comments above entire event blocks. This is useful if you have an event with lots of actions, to help organise them and describe each section separately.

• A new system action Wait for previous actions to complete. This is a new kind of wait action, similar to Wait 1 second, but instead waiting for any actions that run in the background to complete. For example the AJAX Request action triggers On complete when it finishes, but now you can put Wait for previous actions to complete after the Request action and then use the data right after that. This means you can do the whole AJAX request in a single event, and you don't need to worry about tags either. Lots of different actions in Construct now support this. See the video for more!

Another change worth pointing out is that previously if you installed Construct 3 as an app in Chrome, it turns out this accidentally installed a specific version, and would mean after the next release you'd always see update prompts. This is now fixed from this release onwards, but note it only affects new installs.

As usual there's a range of other bug fixes and improvements, including WebGL 2 is now (again) enabled on Android, since the full fix for the GPU issue is now in Chrome 74, and the Timeline plugin is now visible for everyone. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

27 favourites
Comments in actions
25 favourites
Async actions, and 'Wait for previous actions to complete' system action

New Additions

21 favourites
Advanced Random plugin: new "Weighted random" feature allows you to create a list of items with odds of being picked that you choose
8 favourites
File dialog: options for sorting by date modified / file name / file size
6 favourites
Bluetooth plugin: now links to its manual entry


4 favourites
Re-enabled WebGL 2 on Android (once again), since Chrome 74 has the full fix
10 favourites
From this release onwards, installing Construct 3 as an app will load either or, instead of a specific version
8 favourites
Event sheet view: inserting conditions/actions from context menus or keyboard shortcuts now inserts after the selected condition/action
2 favourites
Event sheet view: moved toggle context menu options to a submenu to avoid the menus getting too big
7 favourites
Timeline plugin now enabled by default (was previously accidentally still behind 'experimental features' setting)

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
Event sheet view: cutting and pasting a function with parameters reverted call action parameters to defaults
5 favourites
'Replace with built in function' did not preserve disabled state of 'Call function' actions
4 favourites
Adding a comment created two undo points
4 favourites
Prevent errors loading web fonts stopping the runtime starting up
2 favourites
C3 runtime check for unsupported Internet Explorer not working
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Mixed selections of keyframes elements and row elements did not have a consistent behavior when compared to selections of just rows or just keyframes
5 favourites
Timeline Bar: Use the correct background color in light and dark themes
4 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when creating undo points due to incorrect language strings
4 favourites
Animations Editor: Graphical glitch in the Checkerboard board pattern
3 favourites
Animations Editor: Possible crash when using the rectangle select tool
2 favourites
Animations Editor: The color palette did not resize properly in the simplified mode for objects without animations

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  • Amazing! I always wanted to be able to comment in actions. That's another 3rd party plugin that I no longer have to use.

  • Thumbs up for both new features!

  • Great work, thank you!

  • Very nice! Thank you!

  • ACTION comments?! This could be the single greatest update EVER!!! (Yes, I exaggerate, but am I WRONG? I THINK NOT!!)

    And, if I understood correctly, downloading the web version as an app to the desktop overwrites the previous version is a God-send!


  • Will the async actions be documented in the SDK? That's very useful IMO, great feature!

    I'm guessing it would need to setup a new action tag, and then the actions become promises, and we need to return a promise instead of a value?

  • Wait for previous actions to complete


  • Gj on fast updates.

    Question about some case: What about quite popular Samsung Internet, it's always based on old releases of Chrome and few other browsers that could be based on "old chrome" etc, that don't update so often. Could there be 2 solution: fix for all chomes 74+ and still use old workaround for all previous chrome based browsers? Could this be better?

  • I wonder if it would be possible for empty tags to be stripped the action GUI - I understand why it's there but I think it would look so much cleaner

    Love the update as always, action comments will make for some very pretty event sheets

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