Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r147

Sharing files; usability improvements; bug fixes

29 April, 2019 ()

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New in this release: the Share plugin now supports sharing files, which includes images, videos and anything else you want to attach to a share! This is done by the new 'Add file' action which you use to add attachments before using the 'Share' action. Files are added from a Binary Data object. A useful technique is to use AJAX to load image or video URLs in to a Binary Data object, e.g. canvas snapshots or canvas recordings, which can then be shared. Sharing files works in Cordova exports on both Android and iOS, and is supported in the browser if Web Share level 2 is supported, which is coming to Chrome on Android 75+ and hopefully other browsers in future.

We've also updated all demo games and example projects in the editor to use the new built-in functions instead of the old Function plugin. We have tested these projects to check they work the same, but it can be tricky to test entire games - so if you're looking for an excuse to play Demonoire and others again, it's a good time to have another play test!

There's also a few usability improvements, including around autocomplete, and avoiding confusion in the image editor where drawing with an alpha of 0 does nothing. As usual there's also a range of bug fixes as we work towards a stable release, which hopefully can come out next week.

Finally we're happy to add a new in-progress Chinese (traditional) translation since it reached 10% complete, which contributors can now review in the editor. If you'd like to help get involved with translating Construct 3, see this forum thread to get started.

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New Additions

11 favourites
Share plugin: 'Add file' action - add images or videos to a share from a Binary Data object
19 favourites
New advanced example 'Raycast reflections'


12 favourites
Updated all example projects to use the new builtin functions instead of the old Function plugin
5 favourites
Animations Editor: Picking a color from the main color picker now default to max alpha and 50% luminance if the previous alpha was 0
2 favourites
Add detection of exports broken by Kaspersky software and display a message indicating the problem
6 favourites
Expression autocomplete now hidden when clicking anywhere outside of the autocomplete box and when current identifier deleted
6 favourites
Updated 'Instant hit laser' example to use LOS raycasting instead of bullet stepping
3 favourites
Cordova export: 'Require Camera permission' checkbox will now include RECORD_AUDIO and MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS permissions for microphone access

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Do not show properties of locked timeline elements in the Properties Bar
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Current time marker can not be dragged while a track on top of it is locked
3 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when attempting to add an instance to a timeline after setting the step to 0
2 favourites
Timeline Bar: prevent editing properties or dragging keyframe handles when they have been locked
3 favourites
Layout View: Crash when dragging handles to edit a bezier path of a timeline
3 favourites
Layout View: Timeline bezier paths were not always drawn properly
2 favourites
Event sheet view: possible crash drag-and-dropping events with triggers
4 favourites
Dictionary files would sometimes be missing modified rows when the project was saved (regression in r144)
3 favourites
Data editor: column/row sizes could rarely be associated with the wrong rows
3 favourites
New functions: parameters did not appear in 'Find all references' or 'Copy as plain text'
3 favourites
Expression autocomplete did not move caret if accepting autocomplete by double-click
4 favourites
SpriteFont: incorrect line measurements when using character spacing (regression in r146)
3 favourites
SpriteFont: did not update to reflect 'Set character width' action
2 favourites
User Media: could not always use camera/microphone in Android exports due to lack of permission checks
3 favourites
Desktop: deleting layouts could remove non-world instances (Array/Dictionary/etc) from folder projects

Language updates

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Added in-progress Chinese (traditional) translation

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  • Always so nice to see you working hard on construct 3 ^^

  • Nice, trying the share plugin's sharing files^^

  • Ashley Are we going to have a stable release soon?:P Also, would be possible to have an option to retrieve the language that the android is using?I believe the Platforminfo object would be suitable for that. Thanks.