Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r145

Bluetooth plugin; Function Maps; loads of bug fixes

15 April, 2019 ()

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We've got another significant update for you this week! The highlights are:

• A new Bluetooth plugin - this uses the Web Bluetooth API to let you connect to nearby Bluetooth devices and communicate with them. This could be useful for robotics, tinkering with devices like single-board computers, communicating with new peripherals, and in education. It's useful to have some knowledge of how Bluetooth services and characteristics work when using this. There's lots of information available on the web about how Bluetooth works if you search for it, and there's also a new demo that simply retrieves the device name to help you get started.

• You can now use Function maps to call the new built-in functions with a string. This basically associates a string with a function so you can then call it from that string. It also allows forwarding parameters, so you can create an intermediate function that dispatches a call with parameters by a string. Since you never have to use a string for an actual function name, this ensures things like 'Find all references' are always accurate, and you can always rename functions with the confidence it won't break anything. Take a look at the new 'Function maps' example to help you get going.

There's also a big batch of bug fixes, particularly around the new functions feature and the Timeline bar. One fix to note is that BBcode style changes no longer cause word wraps within the same word. This allows things like text effects where every character has a unique style to still word wrap correctly. However it involved quite a significant rewrite of the word wrap engine, so keep an eye out for anything that might have been broken by this. Stay tuned for more updates!

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New Features

15 favourites
Bluetooth plugin: connect to nearby Bluetooth devices and read and write characteristics

New Additions

9 favourites
New advanced example 'Bluetooth - device name' that connects to a device and reads its device name
12 favourites
Function maps: allows calling the new built-in functions by a string
10 favourites
New advanced example 'Function maps' demonstrating calling a function by a string
5 favourites
Added a "Clear recent projects" button to Settings


4 favourites
New functions: can now use unrestricted function names (e.g. including spaces) if return type is 'None'. (Functions with a return type must have a name that is a valid expression, e.g. no spaces.)
2 favourites
Treat Chromium-based Microsoft Edge equal to Google Chrome (with Edge-specific hacks disabled)
4 favourites
Disable WebGL 2 on Android again because it turns out the previous workaround did not actually fix all devices. It will be re-enabled once Chrome 74 is released which has the full fix.
4 favourites
Added a status indicator when cloud saves are waiting on user authentication

Bug Fixes

3 favourites
New functions: passing local variables or other function parameters did not always work
3 favourites
New functions: possible crash after deleting last parameter
2 favourites
New functions: JS c3_callFunction did not handle parameters properly
5 favourites
New functions: debugger did not display function parameters
1 favourites
'Replace with built-in function' could accidentally change the precedence of operators in expressions
1 favourites
Event sheet view: breakpoint icons did not always appear on built-in 'Call function' actions
2 favourites
Text & Sprite Font: word wrapping no longer breaks on BBcode style changes
2 favourites
Sprite Font: setting line height did not always update displayed text
2 favourites
Drawing canvas: possible glitches filling polygons with colinear points
1 favourites
Project bar: object icons did not always come back after undoing deletion
1 favourites
Project bar: sometimes dragging items exactly by the pane border could both resize and drag at once
6 favourites
Possible crash duplicating layouts while Z Order bar open
1 favourites
Layout view: Ctrl+dragging unselected instance now only clones that instance
1 favourites
Anchor behavior: could work incorrectly when origin not at top-left
1 favourites
Tween Behavior: Possible runtime crash upon releasing tween instances
1 favourites
Timeline Bar: Crash when previewing a timeline with master keyframes missing corresponding property keyframes
1 favourites
Timeline Bar: Property keyframes not deleted when deleting the master keyframe
1 favourites
Timeline Bar: Incorrect layout of the bar after deleting keyframes
1 favourites
Timeline Bar: Refresh the layout view when a keyframe is deleted in the Timeline Bar
3 favourites
Desktop: Timelines were not being saved correctly to project folders
2 favourites
Desktop: Sometimes failed to load a local folder project via recent projects
2 favourites
Local storage features not working in Safari (regression r143)
3 favourites
Line of Sight: still tested instances with the Solid behaviour disabled
2 favourites
Line of Sight: not included in debugger collision/poly checks per second measurements
5 favourites
Tile movement: could not move if also had Solid behavior

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  • I love that with the C3 runtime finished, every beta release adds new features that make Construct feel like a new product every other week

  • Tile movement: could not move if also had Solid behavior

    Well that makes things much easier, for some reason it never occured to me that this is a bug and I never reported it. Glad it got fixed though <3

  • Awesome! Big Thank you for the "Function maps"

    When I first tested the New Function it was a big laid down that it didn't have the call by String feature but now that you added looks Super !!

    Thanks for all your hard Work

  • Bluetooth soooo amazing!waiting for this sooooo long!will you launch any sample or Tutorial video?

  • Bluetooth!

    This is a potential game changer.

  • bluetooth dont support mobile phones? cant work on my ios chrome! hope you can fix this sincerely

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      • Ashley
      • Construct Team Founder
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      Chrome on iOS is a wrapper for Safari because Apple don't allow other browser engines, and Apple don't support Bluetooth in Safari yet. Hopefully they'll add support for it in future.

  • Awesome features!!

    To use bluetooth on android with the template project, is there any extra step to configure the device, is working on PC but not on Android!!

    Thanks, Absolutly perfect job!!!

  • What efficiency, the brains smoke ^^