Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r135

New procedural terrain demo; more Instant Games updates; lots of bug fixes

21 January, 2019 ()

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In this release we have a new Procedural terrain generation demo by Iain which shows how to make an endless randomly-generated level. It's an advanced example that combines lots of features, so take a look if you're up for the challenge!

We've also got a few more Instant Games improvements. There's also now a warning on export if your project uses images larger than 4096 pixels - these won't load on most mobile devices and have been the cause of a number of "blank screen on mobile" type issues. Finally there's a range of other smaller additions and changes, and a big batch of bug fixes, including fixes for a few long-standing issues. We'd like to get a new stable release out soon, so please test carefully and let us know if there are any remaining issues!

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New Additions

20 favourites
New 'Procedural terrain generation' advanced example
6 favourites
Instant Games: 'On context change cancelled' trigger
6 favourites
Instant Games: 'Navigation menu' property (affecting value of "navigation_menu_version" in fbapp-config.json)
6 favourites
Add a warning on export if the project uses images larger than 4096 pixels, since this is larger than the maximum texture size of some devices (including most mobile devices)
10 favourites
Animations Editor: Option to draw ellipses enclosed in the rectangle defined by dragging the pointer


4 favourites
C3 runtime: make Android "not supported" message only refer to Android System Webview (not Chrome), since it only appears to be an issue on Android 5-6
5 favourites
Selecting objects in the Project Bar with no instances in the current Layout View no longer selects instances from across the whole project (avoids unexpected results changing properties in this case)

Bug Fixes

7 favourites
Possible crash in editor related to building spritesheets
4 favourites
C3 runtime: Text input 'read only' setting not working
3 favourites
C3 runtime: Tilemap 'Initially visible' setting not working
6 favourites
C3 runtime: Persist behavior objects now correctly restore their Z order relative to non-persisted objects
4 favourites
Platform behavior: could sink in to jump-thru if landing exactly at peak of jump
2 favourites
Mobile IAP: updated to support Cordova CLI 8.1.x
5 favourites
Layout View: collision polygons now drawn taking in to account parallax/Z elevation
3 favourites
Event Sheet View: 'no search results' indicator could be left behind after closing and reopening dialog
5 favourites
Event Sheet View: saving a project would reset UI state of any closed event sheets
3 favourites
Event Sheet View: column resize cursors did not always appear in exactly the right place
8 favourites
Animations Editor: Make vertical toolbar scrollable if there is not enough space to show all buttons
4 favourites
Animations Editor: Improve visibility of image points over grey colors
2 favourites
Animations Editor: Possible crash of the rectangle select tool
3 favourites
Animations Editor: Handle the case of cropping a floating selection like C2's Animations Editor
3 favourites
Animations Editor: Pasting of collision polygons could not be undone
2 favourites
Tilemap Bar: Show error feedback when attempting to load a tilemap without an image
4 favourites
Previewing multiple projects now opens a second popup window instead of closing the existing window
6 favourites
Preserve order of open tabs in the editor after saving and loading projects
3 favourites
Couldn't select context menu option if submenu overlaps an ancestor
3 favourites
Dark theme: inconsistent sizing of color properties in Firefox
4 favourites
Dark theme: minimum size for action name cells too small
4 favourites
Dark theme: arrow key navigation didn't work correctly in condition/action dialog

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  • Procedural terrain generation is awesome. It is time to create some crazy big platform games.

  • Really liked the "Procedural terrain generation" example. Good performance with smooth chunk generation. There are some minor errors with grass chunks sometimes, could easily fix it with a manual check in the generation events.

    Is there a limit for dictionary keys or is disk space (chunk save-file size) the only "true" limitation?

    • Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! We don't impose any limitation on the size of the dictionary, so it's upper limit is the JS heap size. You could switch to using localstorage instead, which is likely slower but would increase the max size to available disk space and effectively "save" the world for players. There are also ways to store the data that is more space efficient ( binary instead of JSON, run length encoding, Huffman coding, etc. ).

      The grass error is a bit of a pain, but it's quite minor. I haven't investigated fully, but if my best guess is correct then most fixes will have semi significant trade offs. Still, fixing it is a good exercise for the user!

  • I very much like the fix about the multiple projects preview.

  • ""Selecting objects in the Project Bar with no instances in the current Layout View no longer selects instances from across the whole project (avoids unexpected results changing properties in this case)""

    But isn't this the only way we can change properties of all instances of an object project-wide? I don't believe that's a rare thing to do.

  • Extra kudos for those dark theme issues adressed !

  • Did not correct the IFRAME bug to access external pages yet?

  • to bad,yesterday my C3 Clicense expired now back to my old friend C2 :(

  • Thanks for the update! The 4096px limitation on mobile device is also applied for a drawing canvas or i can make a drawing canvas bigger than 4096px?

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      It also applies, but in the case of Drawing Canvas it stretches the max texture size to the size of the object rather than failing to load.