Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r127

More bug fixes

22 November, 2018 ()

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We have one more release for you this week, bringing another batch of bug fixes as we try to hammer out issues as we approach a stable release. One notable fix is for a regression in r126 where the expressions dictionary may have crashed. There's a few more fixes for the C3 runtime and a couple of other general fixes thrown in too.

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you in the US - but we don't have a holiday over here in the UK so it's business as usual! We do have some staff away next week though (26-30th) so things may slow down during that week, but we'll be back to normal from December 3rd.

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Bug Fixes

10 favourites
C3 runtime: creating objects from a familiy did not set correct initial properties (regression in r125)
7 favourites
C3 runtime: crash creating object not placed in any layout via container creation
6 favourites
Expressions Dictionary: crash viewing expressions for objects with no instance variables (regression in r126)
5 favourites
Expressions Dictionary: incorrect appearance in some cases
9 favourites
Animations Editor: Collision polygon misplacement after crop
5 favourites
Animations Editor: Prevent the addition of redundant collision polygon change undo points
6 favourites
Animations Editor: Fix undo of all editor changes after adding frames
6 favourites
Animations Editor: Drag and drop to sort keyframes did not work properly all the time
5 favourites
Tween Behavior: Runtime crash when using the "Tags" expression
3 favourites
User Media: camera input not working on Safari/iOS 12
6 favourites
Possible crash previewing after 'Replace object'
7 favourites
Tilemap Bar: Possible crash when using keyboard shortcuts
6 favourites
Text editor: crashed if failed to load

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