Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r123

Tween behavior; drawing canvas plugin; advanced random plugin; bug fixes

29 October, 2018 ()

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New this build: a new much-anticipated official Tween behavior, a new Drawing canvas plugin, and a new Advanced Random plugin! Note that from now on unless otherwise noted all changes are specific to the C3 runtime, as our development focus is moving to that.

The new Tween behavior makes it easy to make gradual changes over time, such as smoothly moving an object to a position over a few seconds. You can choose from a range of properties to tween, such as the angle or opacity, and also tween a number value so you can easily apply the tween to anything else you can set with events, such as effect parameters. This is the top request from our feature suggestion platform and we're pleased to finally provide it as an official feature!

The new Drawing canvas plugin provides a surface that you can draw your own content on to, such as filled/outlined rectangles/ellipses/polygons, gradients, lines and more, and also the ability to paste an object in to the canvas, including with any object effects. It's also a pure WebGL implementation for maximum performance and flexibility, being uniquely able to combine both general drawing commands and pasting objects with effects. This was also a top request on the feature suggestion platform!

The new Advanced random plugin provides some tools for advanced random number generation, including 2D and 3D random functions such as perlin noise. These can be used for things like procedurally generated level designs, generating tilemaps, or creating textures to use for effects. The core random number generator is even compiled with WebAssembly for maximum performance, since there can be some pretty intensive calculations involved.

These new features are all very fresh and just in their first iterations - there may be some more features we add further down the line, and be warned they may have issues given their newness. Still these represent some significant new features and capabilities for the C3 runtime!

As ever we have a batch of bug fixes as well. We've added several big new features since the last stable release, such as the iframe plugin, JSON plugin, Share plugin, Tile Movement behavior, particles object spawning, tiled background image transforms, audio fades, and screen recording, as well as the Tween behavior, Drawing canvas plugin and Advanced random plugin in this release. Our focus will now be to ensure everything is working smoothly to bring this all to a stable release, hopefully in the next few weeks. So if you've been sitting on any issues please make sure they are filed following all the guidelines soon to ensure we can look at them by then!

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New Features

67 favourites
New Tween behavior
56 favourites
New 'Drawing canvas' plugin
40 favourites
New 'Advanced random' plugin for generating several styles of coherent noise

New Additions

30 favourites
Solid collision filtering using tags on the solid behavior, and a new 'Set solid collision filter' action
16 favourites
Data editor: support for selection range, with Google sheets compatable copy/paste
24 favourites
Tile movement: new isometric mode
18 favourites
Platform Info: conditions to check the system OS
13 favourites
Added Shift+F4 alternate shortcut for debug project, since some browsers use Ctrl+F4 to close tab


7 favourites
Multiplayer: no longer considers ICE disconnection events as fatal

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
C3 runtime: negative instance expression indices did not always work
4 favourites
C3 runtime: wallclocktime was incorrectly affected by timescale
8 favourites
Tile movement: 'Set grid position' and 'GridY' not working
7 favourites
Work around memory leak in Chrome updating Text objects, affecting both editor and C3 runtime
4 favourites
Possible crash renaming a behavior
2 favourites
Property grid: explicitly disable auto complete in input fields
3 favourites
Possible crash editing opacity property in "multiple" state
2 favourites
Color properties could incorrectly display as "multiple" state even when all colors were the same
4 favourites
Z-Order Bar: issues after adding and deleting instances from a layout view
3 favourites
Z Order Bar: possible crash when dragging and dropping
6 favourites
Animations Editor: collision polygon changes not saved in desktop build
3 favourites
Animations Editor: crash when resizing an entire animation and undoing that change
3 favourites
Animations Editor: crash when pasting strings from the clipboard
3 favourites
Animations Editor: possible crash while using drawing tools
3 favourites
Animations Editor: possible crash while generating the frame panel icons
4 favourites
Animations Editor: possible crash when opening the editor
2 favourites
Table control: last element of a row not taking up all the space
2 favourites
Edge/Windows 10 app: issue Dropbox files temporarily appearing as their revision ID instead of name
2 favourites
Overwrite file confirmation dialog could sometimes appear underneath the file dialog

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