Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r122

C3 runtime now default; new tile movement; audio fades; lots of fixes

15 October, 2018 ()

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This release marks another milestone: now the C3 runtime is the default for new projects! The new runtime is now reliable enough to run every example project that comes with Construct, including the entire demo games, with no noticable differences. We feel this means it's now robust enough to make the default. While there may still be some further issues, we think these should mostly get worked out by the next stable release, and it means new projects can get all the benefits of the new runtime by default.

To be clear, this is what now defaults to the C3 runtime:

• New projects

• All built-in example projects

The following will continue using the C2 runtime unless you change the project Runtime property:

• Existing Construct 3 projects still using the C2 runtime

• Any imported Construct 2 projects

In other words, new projects use the C3 runtime automatically, but existing projects must still manually opt-in by changing the Runtime property in Project Properties. We'd encourage you to do this, especially since almost all new features are now only for the C3 runtime. You can always switch back to the C2 runtime if anything doesn't work like you expect.

In addition to that we have a few more new features:

• A new Tile movement behavior, which provides an easy way to make a grid-based movement - ideal for tilemap-based games

• A new 'Fade volume' action for the Audio object, which makes it easy to fade in and fade out music and sounds over time

• A new Screen recording option in the Game Recorder object - normally Game Recorder only records the canvas, but this option allows for recording the entire browser tab (including form controls or other elements that "float" over the canvas), a different application, or the entire screen. The options depends on browser support; currently Firefox supports screen recording, and an upcoming version of Chrome will allow you to choose what you want to record.

Finally as ever there's a batch of fixes and changes to ensure everything works smoothly. In particular if you had trouble downloading files in Safari 12, this should now be fixed. Stay tuned for more updates - we still have some more new features in the works!

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New Features

27 favourites
The C3 runtime is now the default!
21 favourites
New Tile Movement behavior (C3 runtime only)

New Additions

22 favourites
Audio: new 'Fade volume' action, making fade-in and fade-out effects easy (C3 runtime only)
11 favourites
Game recorder: new action to record entire screen (where supported - currently only Firefox, soon Chrome)
5 favourites
iframe: property to set HTML content on startup, if URL not used
5 favourites
iframe: now displays URL or initial HTML in the editor
11 favourites
System: new rgba() expression, allowing specifying a color with alpha component (C3 runtime only)


4 favourites
Project files now cannot be named to filenames that Construct uses in exported projects to avoid conflicts
6 favourites
Mobile Advert: "On configuration complete" will now trigger every layout once configured
2 favourites
C3 runtime: improve "not supported" message

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
C3 runtime: Tiled background ImageWidth/ImageHeight expressions not working
7 favourites
C3 runtime: exported projects using Pathfinding did not work on case-sensitive platforms
5 favourites
C3 runtime: hang testing a collision at an infinite offset
6 favourites
C3 runtime: possible memory leak using WebGL 1
7 favourites
C3 runtime: possible display glitches using WebGL 1
5 favourites
C3 runtime: possible display glitches using background-blending effects near edge of viewport
4 favourites
C3 runtime: could not apply effects to User Media object
5 favourites
C3 runtime: Text objects could display at the wrong position after "Set canvas size" with fullscreen mode "Off"
6 favourites
C3 runtime: some looping conditions did not work correctly in the debugger
4 favourites
Third-party addons that draw to the layout did not work in r121
6 favourites
Possible crash when cancelling cloud save authentication
5 favourites
Edge: 'Choose keystore' on Android export had no background
6 favourites
Work around Safari 12 bug preventing downloading files from working

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