Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r119

Some more changes and a few SDK updates

20 September, 2018 ()

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We're aiming for this to be our last beta update before a stable update early next week, and it brings some last changes we want to make before then. There's a new example showing a basic usage of the Local Storage plugin, a new Line-of-sight condition for the C3 runtime that allows testing line-of-sight between any two points in the layout, and a couple of extra changes and fixes.

We've also made a batch of updates to the SDK which should help developers integrate their addons in the ways they want, especially with the Custom Importer API. We look forwards to seeing what addon developers can do, especially with the new runtime!

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New Additions

16 favourites
New intermediate example 'Local storage - high score'
16 favourites
C3 runtime: new Line-of-sight behavior condition 'Has LOS between positions', essentially allowing segment intersection tests anywhere


13 favourites
Previewing with no layouts open now previews the project
4 favourites
Use popup preview mode by default for Safari 12, since it has per-site settings that can allow popups permission to Construct 3 only

Bug Fixes

8 favourites
C3 runtime: Mobile Advert "Create banner advert" not working
10 favourites
C3 runtime: possible error using Line-of-Sight behavior

SDK updates

6 favourites
IEventBlock.AddCondition()/AddAction() methods not working
6 favourites
Add IProject.CreateFamily()
6 favourites
Add IWorldInstance.SetOpacity(), IContainer.SetSelectMode()/GetSelectMode()
8 favourites
Add public runtime APIs for Tilemap
5 favourites
Instances did not always use correct origin when created with Custom Importer API

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  • Thank you very much for this update, Scirra! Can't wait to try this new LOS features. BTW, a raycast option would be very appreciated. 😊

  • As i often mentioned before, i came from Stencyl (It was also a great Dev-Tool, made 20 Apps with it) But the lack of updates there was so annoying! They don't even have a full HTML5 export for the Public (only Beta). So what i want to say is. Thank you soooooo much for Construct3. The speed of Updates and new features is just mind blowing ! You guys must work day and night! I swear, as soon as possible i will thankfully buy construct3 (at the moment i still play around with the free version) "no money.... but soon i can and will support you not anly mental, but also with money for all your hard work! THANK YOU !!!

  • Thanks for the new update. Those examples are a good idea.

    Make sure no one at Scirra is getting over worked - drink tea and take your breaks. :)

  • Thank you for the update! Unfortunately, theres still some issue with the Mobile Advert Plugins, the banner ads is not showing, and the Interstitial ads is not running in full screen.

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    I don't know if it was pointed out, but Pause on unfocus doesn't work in Construct 3 runtime, in C2 it is ok.

  • Sounds like the upcoming official release will be HUGE! Thanks Scirra!

    * I wish that 'LINE OF SIGHT' feature had a visual radius to see it's wide/narrow angle/direction as a 25% transparent red (or customization color) circle radius, it would be so much user-friendly, especially while on debug mode and the editor itself.

  • That's great to see an example of Localstorage usage by you, guys. Thanks a lot! <3

  • Previewing my game in this release causes it to freeze after 0-1 second, in Firefox/Chrome/Desktop.

    But when I delete the line of sight behavior from enemies it works again.