Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r118

New template; several smaller additions; a few more bug fixes

18 September, 2018 ()

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This release adds another new template Eat 'em all, which again may be a familiar gameplay mechanic. Take a look and see how it's made!

We've also got a batch of smaller additions including a new "Play" button when choosing an audio file to play in the event sheet, so you can preview them right there to make sure you get the right one. There's also some new conditions/actions/expressions and more - see the changelog for the full details.

Finally as ever there are a few more bug fixes. We're hoping to have a stable release shortly - if all goes well with this release, we should be able to make the next release a stable one. However if you find anything wrong please do let us know or it may be delayed until the next release cycle.

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New Additions

13 favourites
New 'Eat 'em all' template
16 favourites
'Play' button to preview audio files when choosing them in an event
12 favourites
Button: 'Compare text' condition, 'Text' expression
6 favourites
NW.js plugin: 'ArgumentCount', 'ArgumentAt' expressions
16 favourites
'Is enabled' condition for 8 direction, Anchor, Bullet, Car, Custom, Pathfinding, Platform, Rotate, Scroll to & Turret behaviors
14 favourites
Timer behavior: 'Pause/resume timer' action, 'Is timer paused' expression
14 favourites
Platform behavior: new 'Set ceiling collision' action which allows preserving momentum when hitting the ceiling
9 favourites
C3 runtime: Text 'PlainText' expression, which returns text without any BBcode tags
7 favourites
Cordova export: add Android 9 and iOS 12 to minimum version lists


7 favourites
Mobile advert: user consent dialogs show "everywhere" option not currently working with the Google SDK, so it will behave as "EU and unknown" for the time being

Bug Fixes

6 favourites
C3 runtime: make Fade behavior compatible with C2 runtime when object opacity is 0
5 favourites
Find results bar glitch if searching while open in popup window
5 favourites
Desktop builds: Cordova exports sometimes asked for an export folder path when it wasn't used
4 favourites
Edge: Cordova exports didn't work
8 favourites
Windows Store desktop build: exporting projects didn't work

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  • I really like to fine tune all game mechanics, this new Platform property is a good addition, thanks! Can't wait to see more improvements on the currently available behaviours. 😊

  • All Awesome, for future changes/edits I suggest to add something that let us to change a bulk/group of codes in the events page, for example: (ctrl+f) search a code "player", change all that say "player" to "character" and all that say that text (player) change... make sense. Thanks

  • That command line argument fetch for NW.js was unexpected. Really nice feature, thanks a lot for that!

  • Look forward to Timer behavior can use Expressions Get remainder and elapsed time percentage of timer.