Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r115

All-new debugger; gamepad rumble; C3 runtime feature-complete

03 September, 2018 ()

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We have a big release for you today! This release enables the new C3 runtime debugger. This brings a raft of new features including an all-new GPU profiler, support for breakpoints in triggers and loops, a better CPU profiler, taking screenshots, and more. We'll have a blog post out soon going in to more detail about everything that's new! It's a major improvement on the old debugger. However since this is the first public release of the new debugger you can expect some bugs - as usual, please let us know if you run in to any.

As of this release the C3 runtime is now feature-complete. It's been a huge project, and now with the new debugger and the last few plugins supported, all official features are now supported in the new runtime. Accordingly the C3 runtime option in project properties is now enabled by default - you don't need to go to Settings to enable experimental features first. We think the new runtime is ready for broader testing and we'd encourage you to try out the new runtime if you haven't already. Simply change the 'Runtime' property in the 'Advanced' section of project properties! Note that new projects and the example projects on the Start Page all still use the C2 runtime. Once we're satisfied the C3 runtime is stable enough, we'll switch all of those across as well.

Chrome 68 also finally adds support for gamepad rumble, aka gamepad vibration. Accordingly we've updated the Gamepad plugin to support vibration (in both runtimes). It's a great way to add some extra feedback and immersion when using gamepad control.

As ever we have further changes and bug fixes. Check out the change list for the full run-down.

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New Features

15 favourites
Brand new debugger for the C3 runtime: new GPU profiler, break in triggers/loops, take screenshots, and more
18 favourites
Gamepad plugin: use rumble effects with a new action to vibrate a gamepad (supported in Chrome 68+)

New Additions

6 favourites
C3 runtime: support for Google Play Games plugin
7 favourites
C3 runtime: support for Mobile IAP plugin
8 favourites
Confirmation prompts when deleting layouts, event sheets, objects, families and layers


9 favourites
C3 runtime setting now enabled by default (no need to first enable experimental features in Settings)
6 favourites
Updated Dark and Light themes
7 favourites
Platform behavior: better handling of hitting moving ceilings

Bug Fixes

2 favourites
C3 runtime: Gamecenter will no longer trigger auth failed if on a platform where gamecenter is not loaded
3 favourites
Layout view: could render incorrectly when using 'Parallax in editor' with effects
4 favourites
Layout view: possible crash redoing a clone
2 favourites
Video preview dialog: viewing video fullscreen did not work correctly
3 favourites
Instant Games: LeaderboardPlayerPhotoURLAt() and LeaderboardPlayerNameAt() accidentally marked as returning numbers
4 favourites
Possible crash when closing panes
3 favourites
Animations editor: Crash when dragging animation subfolders into other subfolders or animations
4 favourites
Animations editor: Incorrect color restoration, after making changes with the luminosity slider
6 favourites
Z order bar: issue causing nothing to be shown in the bar
4 favourites
Crash when undoing the change of an instance variable type

SDK updates

3 favourites
Support for plugin default image

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