Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta versions are not as thoroughly tested as stable

Beta branch

Construct 3 r106

C3 runtime updates; autosave and cloud save improvements; bug fixes

19 June, 2018 ()

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This release adds support for the Windows Store and XML plugins in the C3 runtime, as well as a few more bug fixes for the C3 runtime. We should be close to finishing all official code for the C3 runtime in the near future!

We've also updated Cloud Save so it only loads a single folder at a time while navigating around your cloud files. This should considerably speed up loading in the Cloud Save dialog when you have thousands of files on your cloud storage. Improving this involved some significant refactoring of the cloud save code though, so be on the lookout for any new issues that might crop up as a result.

Other than that, there's a range of fixes, including some improvements to how autosave works. Happy testing!

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New Additions

10 favourites
C3 runtime: support for Windows Store plugin
6 favourites
C3 runtime: support for XML plugin
6 favourites
Cloud save: new 'Upload' button in save dialog, allowing you to upload a .c3p file to the cloud without opening the project


11 favourites
Autosave is now a bit smarter, and will only save if something has changed since the last autosave.
5 favourites
Autosave will now save all open projects, not just the active one.

Bug Fixes

5 favourites
C3 runtime: effect parameters not saved/loaded with savegames
4 favourites
C3 runtime: Rotate behavior 'Set enabled' action did not always work
4 favourites
C3 runtime: opacity not always taken in to account when adding effects
4 favourites
Possible crash moving global variable after changing "Constant" property
5 favourites
Saving project as 'Download a copy' could cause a crash if failed to save
4 favourites
Parameters dialog: expression text selection didn't work correctly when moving from right to left and the expression included brackets
2 favourites
Parameters dialog: no bracket highlighting in Firefox
5 favourites
Crash when adding a single global plugin to a project while the Project Bar is in its own window
4 favourites
Android export: create keystore not using the validity parameter

Performance Improvements

17 favourites
Cloud save: now loads folders individually instead of the whole tree. Should improve load times for users with large numbers of files.

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