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  • Hi, how do I get stats on this? I like it so far! There are no analytics apps for C3 yet :(

  • No 2.1.0+ version of the plugin is compatible with workers, when initializing, it freezes due to an uncaught error:

    "Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: window is not defined"

    Just to inform you, I just won't set worker enabled

  • Can you change the properties to have separate Game Keys for Android and iOS etc. Or add an action to be able to change this ourselves. Otherwise you'd have to re-input the keys each time you want to export to different platforms. Thanks

    • In version 1.1.1 it possible to use seperate keys. Note Android and iOS keys will only be used in Cordova exports and browser keys for normal HTML5 export.

    • Good point, we will add that for our next release.

      • Can you add categories to the c3 plugin, I ran into the issue with construct 2 where the size of the actions and lack of categories lead to the actions going invisible when my mouse moved over them so I split everything into categories and simplified all of the longer action names, here's how it looks now ,I'm not sure if the flickering still persists in Construct 3 but the organizational benefits are still there

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  • cant get it to work. it says "Waiting for Data" but in live feed i see events.

  • Hello Gameanalytics Team,

    I really enjoy your plugin so far. Now I have a game with "Use Worker Mode" (Web Worker) is enabled and unfortunately the game do not start with GA integrated.

    Do you guys plan to fix this soon?

    THX for an amazing plugin so far!

  • I've been attempting to add GameAnalytics to a project, but, like ClemCa below, I'm finding that it prevents the game from loading and leaves one on a black screen (specifically: Preview/Debug, instant black screen w/no objects loaded. HTML5 exports will go from the Construct 3 loading screen to the black screen).

    This apparently only happens when Worker mode is on - if off, GA works fine. However, I want the performance benefits of Worker mode.

    That said, I've since found that if I initialize GA on System > On image loading complete, (instead of On Start of Layout) it works as intended.

    However, this still results in progression events hanging the game.

    I'm assuming since worker mode runs the game tasks in multiple non-parallel threads, the order in which GA is being added is a problem.

    gameanalytics, is this a bug that hasn't been revised since r189 introduced Worker mode? There's nothing in the documentation regarding this.

  • Hi, custom events do not work for me.

    Cordova Export is required?

  • Not working in Feb 2020 :( Just crashes my apps. This sucks.

  • Great service. But when using worker mode within this plugin the game doesn't run.

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