This effect is a conversion of the Construct 2 effect of the same name by Scirra forum user Somebody. The goal here is to be able to open projects that used the old effect with Construct 3.


0.1 Beta (3.25 KB)



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  • Guys, I edited it so it works now. Would be better if someone can add shadow color to this. Here you go

  • Heads up - this doesn't work with Beta R97. It does not install properly

  • Hey, this isn't working. This addon installs as ???

    Just a heads up mate. ^^

  • Cannot be installed properly, name and stuff is missing. And when trying to use it, Construct crashes.


  • Hey, just wanted to say that this is really cool!

    I was wondering if there's a possibility to change the angle of the shadow? and one step up: skew the castshadow a bit from the origin point of the object? This way you'd be able to render really cool cast shadows that you can't get with the other shadow plugin (as far as I know) Anywhos these are just some thoughts, I'm really happy with this already :D (I'm aware that this might not be an easy implementation) But yeah, keep up the good work!!

  • Awesome stuff. Could you add a blur radius, often that would look better than hard shadows.