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Handle AdMob adverts for Cordova on iOS and Android.



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  • Only test ads are showing but no ads show when test mode is off. Please share a tutorial or "how to" guide.

  • not work with runtime c3

  • Not sure about everybody else but make sure your app ID,android,ios,..etc is correct for the ad mob plugin that what solved my problem.

  • not working

  • Hello, when i use this plugin to display ads on my game, the game crash when i launch it..

    But when i remove the plugin the game work perfectly..

    Any fix ?

  • Not work in c3, please how we can fix this problem??

  • I have tried to get ads on iOS for over 6 months now and nothing seems to be working. There is no support or tutorial at all. This is the last time I pay for this software. A complete waste of time and money.

  • Hi, I tried to publish a kids app, but i received an email like below.

    Issue with your app

    Your app contains content that doesn’t comply with the Families policy.

    Reasons of violation

    About the Families policy

    We have detected that your app includes the deprecated Personalized Ad Consent SDK, which is not approved for use in child-directed services. The SDK has been deprecated in favor of the User Messaging Platform SDK and must be updated.

    I disabled the consent, still same problem occurs. Kindly update the sdk as soon as possible.

  • when i export from construct 3 to cordova, i can't build APK using cordovaCLI, but when i remove "construct-mobile-advert" it builds normally.

    It had never happened to me before, it just happened this week.

    • After several attempts and a pain in the head, I found where the problem was.

      After exporting the game from Construct 3 and opening the "config.xml" file, I found that the "construct-mobile-advert" version was 1.7.2, and on the latest version is 1.7.3. So I changed it to "construct-mobile-advert" spec = "1.7.3" and everything worked fine.

  • How can i change the language of the consent privacy policy dialog??

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