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Allows you to load different remote images for each instance of a single object and store loaded image to Local Storage.

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  • This is great! I notice if you use tweens to move them around etc. there is a lot of slowdown compared to sprites (especially if there are a few of these). Any tips to make them run efficiently?

    Also is it necessary to store the images in local storage usually? I think in a lot of cases players web browser will automatically cache the images anyway?

    Thx for the great plugin!

  • Hi , Nice plugin , can we store the images in the animation frames of the same sprite ? like : animation frame = 0 load "x" , animation frame = 1 load "y" ? thanks Sparsha

    • Hi, this plugin has only 1 frame. If you want multiple frame animation like the official Sprite plugin, one option might be to first load all required images. Then use "Paste image" from ID/Object action one after the other, to give an animation illusion manually.

      I haven't tried this method. I can't fully recommend this method, unless we try to see how it affects memory usage.