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Implementation of ROT.JS (Roguelike Toolkit) for C3Runtime

Example Files

basic usage of the rot.js plugin

detect and iterate islands of tiles

test fov functions



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  • Hello, I started a new game on construct using this addon, so I'm also gonna update it !

    Today, a new release a now available. Minifying scripts is now supported (thank you TackerTacker !)

    Next release will also add the possibility to output to an array.

  • hey MrRiker30, is there a manual for this plugin? I have literally copy-pasted everything from the FOV example in my project but isn't working. I'm working with 32x32 and changing the example according to this size only results in squares around the player without FOV calculation

  • Great plugin, unfortunately it doesn't support the minifying of scripts.


    It would be great if we could output to an array instead of a tilemap.

  • Thank you for this, I was a big fan of the original plugin for Construct and this seems even better!