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Turns Mesh-compatible objects into radial progress bars!

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  • I can't open the example. It says the plugin is missing but I already have it installed.

  • Amazing work! I personally use this with a timer, just set the radial progress to Object.Timer.CurrentTime("tag")/Object.Timer.Duration("tag") when the timer is running and then set the max value of the plugin to 1. Now you have a radial bar and you can control its time! :)

  • Is this addon dead? Trying to start .c3p example says i dont have it installed but i do, would really like to try this since its exactly what i need.

  • I would use it for way more than progress bars since it does the whole frame, thanks!

    A minor suggestion. It would be nice to have an enabled setting to set the mesh size to zero when not in use. The user might have to worry about that at some point.