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Create a colored drop shadow



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  • Is there a way to add a blur or soft edge to the shadow so it's more realistic?

  • I have a problem: I applied this effect to text elements, taking care to widen the border of the instances but when I launch the game the effects disappear ...

  • Great effect! Is it possible to have blending modes for the shadow or an option to only render it over stuff below it in the same layer? Example: Render over a fence or brick wall, but not the sky in a platformer.

    • Sadly not. That's afaik not possible with the way effects are made.

      Instead what you can do is just duplicate the sprite, and use blend modes over that sprite. You'd get the effect you're looking for.

      • I had a hunch that was the case after snooping around. thanks for the quick reply. I'll still keep using it when I can to save on the double sprite work.

  • Hi is it possible to make shadow skew?