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Symbols and pattern

This plugin will try to find matched pattern in a sequence of symbols. This sequence of symbols is stored into a FIFO-buffer, each symbol is a character.

For example, if push "U", then push "L", "R" into this buffer, the content of this buffer will be


The pattern is composed by symbols defined by a string, like


In the above example (symbol sequence "ULR"), the pattern "LR" could be found when the "R" symbol has been push.

Note that, comma is reversed for splitting pattern, see the next section for more detail.

Pattern with comma

User also could add comma into pattern to split the symbols, like


Remember that there has no space between symbols and comma.

Procedure of patterns matching

There are two ways to do patterns matching, one is

1. Call "Push symbol" action to push symbol into symbol buffer (sequence of symbols)

2. Checking pattern by "Condition:Is matching" from the tail of buffer.

the other is

1. Call "Push symbol" action to push symbol into symbol buffer (sequence of symbols)

2. Each "On matching" condition will be triggered to check the pattern. If no one had been matched, "Condition:On no matching pattern" will be triggered at last.

Or mix them as user like.

Symbol buffer

The length of this symbol buffer is defined by "Buffer length" in properties bar, or reset by "Set buffer length" action. Remember the length of this buffer must longer then the length of patterns.

"Clean buffer" action could clean this symbol buffer.


The content of current symbol buffer will be shown at debugger.