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Use "Move to XY", or "Move to delta XY", or "Move to object" actions directly to move instance to specific position. Or use "Move to distance-angle" action in polar-coordinate system.

When it moves to target position, "On hit target position" condition will be triggered.

The target position could be got by "TargetX" and "TargetY" expressions.


Call "Set enabled" action and set "State" parameter to "Disabled" could pause current moving. Set the "State" to "Enabled" could unlock the pausing of moving.

Stop while hitting solid object

Set property "Stop by solid" to "Yes", or set by "Stop by solid" action, to stop moving while hitting any solid object, and "On stop by solid" condition will be triggered.

Continue mode

Set "Continued mode" to "Yes" to move object continuously.

Moving action under "On hit target position" condition with "Continued mode" to "Yes", will move forward immediately using remain delta time.

Moving angle

There are 2 kinds of moving angle available.

MovingAngle expression: angle from previous position to current position.

MovingAngleStart expression: angle from moving-start position to target position.