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Create instance by nickname string

Use "Assign nickname" action first to define nickname to object-type mapping, then use "Create instance" action to create instance by "Create instance" action.

The creating action will trigger "On created" condition. It could be used to configure instance furthermore.

Change properties of this created instance

Get this created instance UID by "LastCreatedInstUID" expression. You might change properties of this instance by rex_uid2prop plugin. Only common properties (x, y, angle, opacity) could be assigned.

Create instance and pick it

"Create instance into family" action is another way to create instance, and it will put the created instance into SOL of this family.

Pick instances by nickname string

"Pick instances" condition and "Pick all instances" action could be used to pick instances by nickname string from all instances. It need to assign a family to put picked result.

"Pick matched instances" condition and action could be used to pick instances by sub-string of nickname is matched, from all instances.


It will show all nicknames and their names of object-type in debugger.