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Transform any sprite into a trail

Example Files

Basic implementation

Drifting effect using the trail renderer



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  • Fantastic effect

    need to be NATIVE lol

    Nice work =)

  • Great extension! Love it ❤

  • Thank you!

  • This addon is a very strong tool for my current project's visual identity and i very preciate it ! (if you wanna see it in action : ).

    Is there a way i can modify the refresh rate of the trails ? By "refresh rate" i mean the time it takes for the trail to reach his "head". I try to use some slow motion in my projet, but the trails seems to be not affected by the time delta. The result looks like the emitter just slows down, but not the time itself, because the trail keeps refreshing at the same speed as usual.

    • This is one of the issues I have with the trail renderer at the moment. I am not sure how to tackle this effectively yet, and I have planned to make a full update for the addon when I know what to do about it. So for now, not really sorry :(

      Cool game though thanks for sharing!

      • Thanks for replying ! Ill check for updates from time to time ^^. Its not a gamebreaking issue and the effect looks very cool in any other situations, so i will work around for now.

        I tried to dynamically upgrade the length of the trail by the time scale's factor. The result is not good enough to be usable, but its a good start.

  • Awsome addon ! Works perfectly for some Homeworld style spaceship trails :

  • Any chance of an image or video? I prefer to see something before I download it. I imagine others do, too.

  • why don't I get notified when there are new versions of this rad plugin?

  • Fantastic!! Finally!!

  • I must remember to come back to this on my laptop after work tomorrow!

  • This is fantastic. Thank you!