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Create flocking behavior

Example Files

Basic implementation



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  • Thank you skymen! Great stuff as always!

  • any chance to add collision with solid obiects?

  • works perfect to create a flock of enemies in my game.

  • Do you have plans to rewrite this plugin to make it more optimized?

  • Thank you for this. Is there a way to keep the group that is flocking from stacking on top of each other and kind of just squish together in a group?

  • Any chance you could add a disable/enable?

    I'm trying to add a knockback but the boids behaviour is interfering. Maybe there's a work around I'm missing?

    • i am planning on reworking this addon in the future.

      IIRC, for the boids to be effective, you need to call an action. You could just add a "isBoidEnabled" boolean instance var and only have it call the action if that boolean is true

  • I'm building a giant mob system, can be close to 300 on screen at a time. Boids drastically slows the project down when more than 100 are moving. Any ideas on performance tweaks? Thanks!

    • Hey,

      yeah I am aware of this issue, and fixing it would require rewriting a significant part of the system. I don't have time to do this at the moment, so this will have to wait until I have time for it sadly :/

      In the meantime, the best solution would be to use a different solution, or write your own.

      • Completely understood, no pressure or worries at all. I'm working on a simple system to takeover main mob movement, but using Boids on cluster groups under ~50 works fantastic. I appreciate your efforts thus far!

  • Is there a way to create obstacles for the agents?

  • Thank youu!!