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A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Load story from {0}

    Load a story in the ink engine

    Load state from {0}

    Load a story state from a JSON string.

    Continue (maximally: {0})

    Ask the story to move on.

    Go to {0}

    Divert the story to a different place.

  • Conditions

    Story can continue

    Test if the story can continue.

  • Expressions


    Text built by the last call to Continue.


    The state of the story as a JSON string.

Ink Tags

  • Conditions

    Tags contain {0}

    Check for tags in the story

    For each available tag

    Loop over every currently available tag. Use 'LoopTagText' to get its content.

  • Expressions


    Get the value corresponding to a key in a tag formatted to have 'KEY SEPARATOR VALUE'. Spaces around SEPARATOR are ignored.


    Get the text of the current tag in the loop

Ink Choices

  • Actions

    Choosing (choice {0})

    Select a choice from the choice list

  • Conditions

    Story has choices available

    Test if the story has choices to pull from.

    For each available choice

    Loop over every currently available choice. Use 'LoopChoiceText' and 'LoopChoiceIndex' to get its info.

  • Expressions


    Text to display for the given choice.


    Number of available choices.


    Get the index of the current choice in the loop


    Get the text of the current choice in the loop

Ink Variables

  • Actions

    Listening for changes in {0}

    Start listening for changes in ink variable.

    Set Variable: {0} <- {1}

    Set the value of an ink variable.

  • Conditions

    Variable {0} has changed

    Trigger when variable changes values

  • Expressions


    The value of an ink variable