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This plugin is made during the development of the Construct 3 Firebase Plugin Collection to support it and is a part of its Bonus Plugins-

Usage: This plugin can be used with the Firebase plugins to run a server time for timed events. Also can be used with to get data about country phone codes and country flag to be used with Firebase Plugins for Phone OTP Sign In.


ip_address: Get IP Address of the current user

timestamp: Get UNIX Timestamp (Server Time)

country: Get Country of the current User (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes)

dataCenter: Get Datacenter Location that handled the request (Usually returns the nearest Datacenter by IATA codes)

(The rest of the data given below are not useful for must users)

These expressions below are mostly specific to Cloudflare service users:

hostname: Get Hostname

uri_scheme: Get URI scheme- the portion of URL before ://

userAgent: Get User Agent

http_version: Get HTTP version

tls_version: Get TLS version

warpStatus: Get Cloudflare Warp status.

sni: Get Server Name Indication

gatewayStatus: Get Cloudflare Gateway Status

serverInstance: Get the Cloudflare server instance that handled the request

gatewayAccountId: Get Cloudflare Gateway Account Id

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