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Simple Skend effect, simplified for the typical swaying grass/foliage case, works with effects.

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  • Thanks for this! How might I invert the skend vertically so that it looks like waving leaves rather than grass? I've tried inverting the numbers and it sort of works, but seems to bend the bottom of the image unnecessarily. Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Thank you very much, it works perfectly and easily!

    • glad to hear, looking forward to see how you use it

      • Thanks but my project has a long way to go before I can show any kind of decent demo 😅. Btw, is there any simple way to use this effect but inverted vertically? Like i'm trying to sway a flag-sign of a shop that is hanging on a horizontal wooden pole, like the flag is being swayed by the wind. Making the skend/sine value or power value negative doesn't really work for this purpose.

  • Amazing, thanks for sharing Mikal!

  • This is amazing! It works perfectly and smoothly