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Monetize your HTML5 games with (Construct 3 plugin for the GameMonetize SDK)



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  • Hi... how the conditions "Pause game during advertise" and "resume game..." works? it seems more like an action or an entire event themselves?

  • After adding the Gamemonetize sdk and putting ads in my game I was getting was a black screen on preview when using the gamemonetize sdk for Construct 3. I had changed worker mode to no, but was still getting the black screen. But then I closed Construct 3 and went back to it later and everything was working fine so maybe I had to close it for the worker mode to update. I don't know, but everything is working okay now.

  • Please Provide Pause game during advertisement and Resume game after advertisement Condition apply any Construct 3 project file for example how to implement those event

  • Como eu instalo isso que baixei